Monday, March 18

The Perfect Face: Heal Everything

Recently I've been so happy and I want to tell you all about it. Why you might ask? I've noticed that my years of healthy living are catching up with me. My body and face are regenerating in ways that I never though were possible. Sure, I read about it in books and studied the potential of the mind, but I never thought that it would happen so fast.

So I have a zit on my cheek, and the reason that I'm telling you this is because I haven't had one in two to three weeks. I know exactly why it's there too. It was chemical salad dressing full of processed sugar that I ate at a restaurant. Like clockwork, one's complexion is affected and spots will show up if one doesn't care for themselves properly.

Seeing this on my face made me realize how much control we have over our circumstances. Not just spots, those are easy to deal with, I'm talking wrinkles, redness, freckles, puffiness, etc. The skin is a reflection of what's going on inside, and the body will heal if given the opportunity. I don't have a single winkle, and I'm even seeing some of my freckles fade away. It's all a choice.

This also saves on foundation and concealer. Any makeup artist will tell you that less is more. I'm reminded of going behind the scenes with Oscar makeup artists that touch up the stars right before they go on stage. The secret is to only cover what's necessary so that the natural texture of the skin can be seen. No cakey or powdery faces allowed! With a healthy lifestyle in place, which includes diet, exercise, sunlight, stress-free living, rest, and love, one can return to their natural state. That beauty will return to you and people will ask you what your secret is. It's so simple, but most make it so complex.

Letting go is key. What things can be shed to lighten the load. Perhaps cutting back on soda or TV? Choosing how to react to life is vital too. Some stress is natural; most is not. Focus on how to react to outside situations out of our control. Remember, we can't change people or circumstances, but we can control how we react to them. Study learned happiness and make it your default state. Angry people get angry, sad people get sad, and stressed people get stressed. It's all a choice. Choose to be at peace, and you'll never be the same. Then watch your body reflect that. It's incredible.

How to cure common facial issues:

- Acne. Mostly caused by poor diet, lack of sleep, and high stress. Find balance again and make time for improvement. Whether that's one thing at a time, or going for it cold turkey. Let go of old, harmful habits and watch acne disappear for good.

- Wrinkles. The colon, liver, kidney, and most importantly, the mind need help. The skin is a reflection of this. I highly recommend reading Markus Rothkranz' book Heal Your Face. He goes into detail about what causes what, but the gist of it is to detox both mind and body. The power of the mind is amazing! I watch too much TED and NOVA to think otherwise. How one sees themselves in their mind is what manifests in the body. Do you sit there and tell yourself that you're old and saggy, or are you convinced that you're a timeless beauty? Respect and love yourself. It does matter.

- Redness. Again, this is related to health. Once upon a time I thought that redness on the face, especially around the nose and chin, was natural. It's not, because mine is already fading. Pretty neat, huh? It's all thanks to a balanced lifestyle: Diet, movement, sun, low-stress, and rest. Now, some healthy veins can be seen through translucent areas of skin on the face, like a little on the eyes or perhaps a healthy blush on the cheeks. Everything else is not. Redness can indicate internal problems. Areas around the nose are the heart, cheeks are the stomach, and chin is the kidneys. Stop eating processed sugars, carbs, and drinking alcohol. Then watch it disappear.

- Freckles. This is not just the sun. This is the combination of a poor lifestyle mixed with sun exposure. I never wear commercial sunscreen, and never will again. It's toxic and bakes into the skin under the hot sun. Freckles and moles mean that the organ relating to the area on the skin is weakened. Ever notice how children can heal their freckles? It's because their bodies are still strong. Strengthen the inside, and watch the outside change. Any toxin that the body cannot handle is expelled through the skin. It's our largest elimination organ. Chemical cosmetics are also problematic. Those toxins sit on the skin and cause pigmentation issues when in contact with the sun. Get rid of the toxins, and freckles will fade and the body will prevent new ones from forming.

- Puffiness. This is much more serious than most think it is. This normally means that too much salt is being consumed and the body is fighting back by retaining water, or the corresponding organ is inflamed. This is the case of puffiness under the eyes, and is specifically related to sick kidneys. Proper food and rest is key, and can work magic. Cut out salt, isolated sugar, and get plenty of quality sleep.

These issues are not all here by accident or because they run in the family. Sure genes are a factor, but those bad genes have only been triggered by our lifestyle. Telling ourselves those things dictates the outcome as well. I'm reminded of a story about a man that got stuck in a refrigerator train car: He was a worker that accidentally locked himself in at night and he knew that he was going to freeze to death and die. He crawled up on the floor to conserve energy and started writing his last words in the frost. Sure enough, his colleagues found him dead the next morning. This is a true story. What was interesting though is that they had found that the train car was malfunctioning that night and it had never dropped below 49 degrees! That man could have survived, but he already convinced himself otherwise.

What's your story? Are you beautiful through and through? Or are you a helpless victim? Choose now. I did, and I'm not any better or different than anyone else. We're all the same, but it's the choices we make day to day and our mindset that makes all the difference.


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