Wednesday, March 27

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

So you want to be a blogger and share your amazing ideas with the world. Welcome! That's wonderful news, but where do we go from there? Writing and blogging, just like any practiced skill, takes patience and determination. It will not happen overnight, but I can promise that you will reap whatever you sow. If one puts a little in, one gets a little out. If one puts a whole lot in, then well, that's when the magic begins.

Writing tips for blogging:

- Just write! Writing and posting daily is a wonderful exercise. Nobody's perfect at the beginning, and one will learn and grow fast from their mistakes along the way. I've written over 400 posts now, and they sure do add up fast. How many hours of practice is that? It's a vital part of the process. So don't hold back one more day. If you want it, then do it, and don't stop.

- The world needs to hear what you have to say. The internet is one of the most beautiful things in existence today. It connects us in ways never thought possible, gives us community, friendship, knowledge, and entertainment. We can help each other out in new ways that weren't possible years ago. There's always someone out there that can benefit from your wisdom and is yearning for connection. Students, young people, apprentices, etc. Being a mentor will positively change and impact someone. They will teach and help you as well in their own way. Give and you shall receive.

- Speak from the heart. Pick a subject that you're truly passionate about. Something that's so wonderful that the words will pour out from you. It's natural, not rushed or forced in any way. If it is, then reconsider it. It has to stay fun, or it wasn't meant to be. You will know deep down if the topic's a match, because it will be enjoyable. I've experienced this myself. I know that this is what I love to do. It's not work; it's my dream and my passion. The same excitement is there 400 posts later.  

- Always write for others, not yourself. This is huge, and it's probably one of the most important points. It's vital that the message be written for your audience. A writer is there to serve and engage the reader. That's why people seek out blogs, because they need to be helped or entertained in some way. Take these sentences for example: "Today I spent some time at the beach. I enjoyed myself very much because it was so relaxing and tranquil." Compare that to this: "The beach is a wonderful place to go and relax. So take some time off, and enjoy the tranquilly." They're both basically the same message, but the former is selfish and the latter is written for others. Writing specifically for others is so much more rewarding. You're still writing about your passion, and yourself in a way, but wording it so that others can relate to it better. That's what people are more interested in. It's all right to give personal examples that further the writing, because those are useful and have more impact when used sparingly. They also give personality to the writing. Just use them accordingly. Think back to some of your favorite blog posts or articles. I'm sure that they were implementing this, but were still written with you in mind. Others should always come first.     

- Study grammar and writing. Reading books and watching videos on writing and grammar will significantly improve one's own writing. It did for me. Find something that's similar to your needs and study it. Or study your favorite bloggers. Why are they successful? Why is their writing always so damn good? Pay attention to it, and use that inspiration to write. Also, a post full of smiley faces, text shorthand, and exclamation points is not at all professional. Is a book written like that? No, probably not. Save that fun for the comments section.

If blogging is truly your passion, then go for it. The world is waiting, and nobody
has said it the way that you have yet. Your voice is unique and special. Have at it!

Cheers and happy writing.

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