Tuesday, March 5

Help Regain Your Voice

A dear friend of mine is doing something very beautiful that I wanted to raise awareness about. She's dedicated almost her entire life to helping others in many different ways, myself included, and is such a kind soul. Eliina and I meet at university and she was one of my roommates, but not just any other roommate, she was THEE roommate. Shortly after meeting, she opened up to me and became my best friend. She's now like a sister to me and I credit her for changing my life for the better.

She showed me how to be compassionate, loving, and caring. I also credit her for teaching me how to care for myself, because before that I just wouldn't put in the effort or would give it all away to others. So I cherish my friendship with her very much and trust her beyond all measure.

Eliina started a little project back at AAU to help sexual assault survivors 'regain their voice'. It was an amazing collection of photography and writing that showcased people from around the San Francisco Bay Area that wanted to share their stories with the world. This series was shown at a number of different galleries and touched the hearts of others because it showed that this could be your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, or even yourself. It was empowering to see all of these wonderful people come together and talk about how they overcame what they faced. They're not victims; they're survivors.

Well now this project is going to be taken to a whole new level. She's inviting you or others to participate in the "Regain Your Voice Project" by submitting a photo online or writing about your story.

Share Your "I'm A Survivor" Photo

Share Your Story

Read More About The Project

Please spread the word about this. Reach out and share it with anyone you know that might be in need of it. We want to help. We care, and it's time to regain your voice.

"I hope this project makes Survivors of Sexual Assault feel like they are in control again; these are all powerful, strong and intelligent men and women. I just want to give their voices back. I had a voice, but it wasn't heard; now it will be." - Eliina

Much love,
Eliina and Claudia

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