Friday, March 15

H&M’s Conscious Campaign

This Spring 2013 H&M is doing something awesome. The Conscious Campaign that they're coming out with features sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and tencel. It's refreshing to see a company trying to make an effort in some way. They've also started a wonderful garment recycling program to help minimize waste and help charities.

"If you’ve got something worn, torn or hopelessly out of style – don’t throw it away or let it pile up in the back of your wardrobe. Bring it to us and help reduce the amount of fashion being wasted. Bring your unwanted clothes to any H&M store. For each bag of clothes you hand in, you will receive a 15% off one item of your choice coupon." - H&M

Learn More Here:

Other Ways H&M is Taking Action:

For me, this is great because I wear my clothing until they're pretty worn out and I donate a lot to charity as well. It's important to give just as much as one receives. Please spread the word about this. It would be great if it doesn't just disappear over the year because it didn't work out. I don't condone consumerism or shopping for no reason, but if one is in need of something new, it seems like this would be just the place to go.

Love Claudia xx

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