Friday, March 22

Change Your Life: Watch Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins

It's incredible how something that seems so trivial can change a person's life. I've started to watch or listen to motivational speaking everyday now, mostly the work of Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, and it's changed my life so fast that I can hardly keep up. I truly mean that.

Perhaps this has happened to you before? You know that feeling you get deep inside when you realize that you have grown as a person? Some skill, talent, practice, or habit has changed to the point that it's obvious that there's growth. Well that's what happened to me and it's the quickest it's ever happened.

I started listening and learning more about personal growth when I broke my toes and was in bed with nothing else to do. I had never made time for it before, even though I knew it was a good thing that I should get around to one day. Then I got well again, and stopped learning. It was obvious to me that I was at a stand still again. So I began to yearn for more, and I wouldn't go a day without listen or watching something new. Continuing to fuel the mind, and make adjustments in my life along the way.

Now, I can't even express how much has happened. I've learned to control my mind and thinking more over the past three mouths than I've done so in years. I'm working on projects, and goals to help make dreams a reality. Some of which are already manifesting in exciting ways.

So what's your goal? I'm sure that when I asked that question just now there was a gut reaction. Whatever it may be, it can happen. You can make it happen. Start by moving towards it in some way. It's the little things along the way that add up, and before you know it, you're there. You've obtained it, experienced it, completed it, etc. Watch or listen to these two gentleman daily and take action to implement what they say. That's key. Listen, learn, change, and take massive action. Begin right now. The past is past, and the choice is yours. It's as easy as that to get started. 

Here are their YouTube channels:

I want to hear all about your success stories!