Monday, February 4

Windows 8 Review: It's Awesome!

Last month I couldn't resist a great sale on Windows 8. Apparently it's the lowest selling Windows in quite some time and the company is trying to encourage users to switch over. Well, I wasn't too excited about it, because I didn't want to reformat and I didn't quite like the changes Microsoft implemented because they're specifically going after the touchscreen market.

On the flip side, I read that it's extremely fast. Which was enticing because performance is a big deal for all of my digital art programs. That, and screen recording for YouTube videos. So after thinking it over for quite some time, I decided to upgrade because the pros were outweighing the cons.

I'm actually quite pleased with it over all and the things that I thought would be annoying aren't. I'm loving the new streamlined interface, complete with a nice design and minimalistic font choices. The metro interface is growing on me as well and it's easy to get the hang of. Most people don't like change, and because Windows has pretty much been the same for a few decades, I can understand why this is upsetting. It's healthy for the brain to overcome new obstacles though, and it truly doesn't take long to learn. I'm already hooked!

One thing that I did miss is the Start Menu. This can be easily fixed by downloading a handy free app called Classic Shell. I recommend getting this if you miss the old layout.

Download Classic Shell Free Here:

This is all one needs to fix that problem and have the classic feel of Windows back. Other than that, I'm happy with how great this operating system is. It boots up super fast and all of the software runs great. I can tell, and this makes life better. Ah, the small things!

Overall it was a pretty painless transition. I'm still working on getting my monitor color profile in order, but that only takes time and patience. As an artist, this is an extra step to insure that I'm creating work on a setup that's professional and color calibrated. 

Has anyone else made the switch to Windows 8? 
Let me know your thoughts. How is it working out so far?

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