Wednesday, February 20

Pamper Your Feet: How to Care for Them Naturally

Having beautiful feet is really much easier than it may seem. The winter months are harsh, but what can one do to care for them now and prepare them for sandal weather in a few months? Just like everything in life, one's health is a big factor. That's why people love healthy feet, but can't stand them when they're not. That love-hate relationship is because we know what health looks, feels, and smells like and we want this for ourselves and others. The things I'm about to tell you are all real ways to achieve that, and produce lasting results. How do I know? Because I live this personally, and my feet are good to me. So read on for more.

Care for feet naturally:

- Let them breathe. I rarely wear anything on my feet, because it's important to have direct contact with the ground and/or objects. Just like the hands, the feet are designed to make contact with the environment. Not only that, but wearing anything that covers the feet promotes dead skin build up and foot fungus to form. This doesn't allow for the skin to breathe, and is also what causes foul odor. So this includes shoes, socks, and slippers. Free your feet whenever you can! Especially from shoes, because ever since birth shoes have been binding and deforming our feet. Over the years the foot will even take on the form of the shoe. The toes are meant to be splayed out and aligned with the metatarsals. The 4-Hour Body goes into this issue in detail and talks about how great going barefoot is. One can improve their balance and prevent back, leg, and foot injures caused by a lifetime of wearing shoes. Been there, done that. I broke my toes because of a pair of high heels. My feet are so loved and spoiled now, that I just can't do that to them a lot any more.

- You are what you eat. Food plays a huge role in keeping feet healthy. Not only bone and muscle, but skin. One thing that I find to be amazing is that I can go to very cold places in the winter time and still maintain my foot and skin health. Yes, I understand that environment is a factor, and I promote warm weather and sunlight. Food alone can help the body fight back though when it comes to harsh climates. I notice that when I eat raw foods on vacation in a snowy land I can still keep my skin looking good. It's only when I start making poor food choices that my skin sends me the warning signs. Then I lose whatever protection I had from the cold. So eat lots of raw greens, veggies, fruits, spices, seeds, and nuts.

- Book a massage or acupuncture appointment. Both of which are brilliant, and an amazing way to help sore feet. Every time I go in to have my feet done I feel so agile and wonderful. It's always amusing to me too because my therapist will say something like, "We're going to work on your organs today", and then he sticks an acupuncture needle in my foot! Curiouser and curiouser. It's because the feet, like the hands, are linked to many parts of the body. If the feet are helped, then so are the corresponding areas and vice virsa.

- Wet exfoliation. This is a must, and will depend greatly on the environment and the other factors we have discussed above. Every time I bathe or shower I use a small pumice stone to gently scrub dead horny layer skin cells away. Doing this regularly will help maintain soft skin. One considerable thing to note though is to not over shower or bathe. This is counterproductive, because water dries out the skin when it washes away sebum. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, this will disrupt the pH balance of the skin. Especially in the cold months when the skin is desperate for moisture. So listen to your body, and don't over do it.

- Moisturizing. This is the last and final step. It's crucial to moisture after ever shower or bath. The skin has been striped of all it's sebum and is left exposed to the elements. This is why our skin gets dry, or on the other hand, oily. Everyone is different. The skin either doesn't keep up with sebum production and dries out, or the body produces way too much and makes us a greasy mess. Do not over shower if you want normal skin! Another thing to look out for at this time as well is if the skin is cracked and white. This is not dry skin, this is foot fungus and is common in cold winter months. To treat this, one should apply tea tree oil to the area first. It will kill the fungus and germs, because it's anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Then apply a good amount of organic virgin coconut oil or stone-crushed olive oil over it to encase the area and add moisture back into the skin. It's important to use natural oils to moisturize, and not lotions/creams with synthetic chemicals. They do not heal, and only make matters worst in the long run. This is one of the times that I do recommend putting on some cozy socks for about 15 minutes. That way the oil will have time to absorb and it won't get all over the floor. 

Having amazing feet is as simple as that. Why wait to spoil them. Start today!