Wednesday, February 27

I Am Documentary

I only found out about I Am, the first Tom Shadyac documentary, because of researching Happy. This one was another marvelous film. I loved it and recommend it as well.

So the premise is that Tom had a near-death biking accident, and it changed him for the better. He started to reexamine life, and traveled around the world talking to some great intellectual thinkers of our time about the issues that we face as a culture. Well, it was definitely all for the best, because the journey ended up teaching a valuable lesson, and that was that we are all connected. Science is finding this to be mind-bogglingly valid and there were quite a few fascinating interviews and experiments done to back it up.

I feel it; we all do in a way. Apparently the heart does this naturally and is responsible for more of our feelings and actions than originally thought. It's sensory and truly remarkable. It takes that timeless saying, "Follow your heart", to a whole new level. So watch the documentary. It's amazing empowering.

Watch the movie trailer here:

A fascinating interview with Tom:

How Tom chooses to live now:
A Peak at His Mobile Home

Happy movie watching!

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