Tuesday, February 26

Happy Documentary

Oh my! I needed this documentary so much and I recommend it to all of you. It's about happiness and what makes us happy. Now who wouldn't be interested in that? The film takes us on a journey across the globe to discover what makes different types of people so content.

For the most part it's not money, fame, or power. It's interesting to learn about the real things that bring us the most happiness. Love, community, compassion, giving, purpose, thankfulness, and progress are all things to focus on and will bring one true happiness.

Lastly, be genuine. The people in your world can tell. They feel it. Do it for yourself most importantly though. What does your heart tell you? The kind gentleman that produced this film, Tom Shadyac, had a near-death experience before he realized this.

 About the filmmakers and Happy:

So watch the movie. It moved me so much. Happiness is like a muscle, so I'm going to exercise it more often. It's called learned happiness, and it can be one's default state if one chooses to let it be. What is your default emotion? Be honest. Sad people get sad, angry people get angry, stressed people get stressed, worried people get worried, etc. Well, I choose to be happy!

Find the film on Netflix or YouTube:

Happy movie watching!