Tuesday, January 1

New Year's Resolutions

"Life isn't about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

Let's do this everyone! It's resolution time and I'm so excited to continue growing and evolving this fine year. This is a time when we feed off each other's positive energy and passions, which inspires us to become better people in some way. Something that recently impacted me was this article by David Wong of Cracked.com. Read this with a logical and open mind. I promise it will inspire you:

It was like a light-bulb moment for me, and made sense because the examples are so true. The article talks about how an individual is only as valuable as what they can do for someone else. I have found this to be true in my own life as well. The times when I feel the most satisfied is when giving back to the world in some way. Whether that be through artwork that inspires, teaching and promoting health, giving to local charities, choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle to converse precious resources, or perhaps spending the time to respond to anyone that writes to me for help. Giving back is the only way to go, and that also relates to prosperity because others will give back in return.

Another personal example of prosperity in action is the fact that I can make a living off of freelancing, blogging, and YouTube. For that I'm eternally grateful, because without you and your encouragement that would not be possible. More helpful blog articles and tutorial videos are definitely on the way. So stay tuned and perhaps recommend the sites to anyone you think might like them as well.

Now on to the resolutions! Share yours with me. I want to hear all about your wonderful inspiring goals.  
Here are mine for this year: 

- Keep cleaning up the diet. Specifically more seaweed, and try new things I haven't yet like guava, durian, and bee pollen.

- Work on not stressing and worrying. I've noticed that it's starting to creep back in and I want to catch it right away before it continues to become a problem again.

- Start becoming consistent with YouTube videos. This is a big one for me and I'm going to start posting biweekly, so look out for those tutorials!

- Last, but definitely the most exciting, is that I'm going to finish up art projects that I've started. The most awesome being a cosplay of Fran from Final Fantasy XII that I've been working on for over four years. I'm thrilled to start that up again and share the progress along the way.

I wish you all well with your goals and aspirations this year. Make it happen.
Love Claudia xx