Thursday, January 17

Hungry for Change Documentary

I can't get enough of food documentaries! I love them, because they're a good reminder of how to live. The last one I watched is called Hungry for Change, and is the follow up to the popular Food Matters (which was brilliant as well). Both are wonderfully informative and help to keep one on the right track.

One new thing that I learned from Hungry for Change is that the body stores toxins in fat. Therefore, if an individual is consuming or topically applying any toxins, the body will not allow that last layer of fat to be burnt off. For me, this is incredible because that explains why it's so hard to get rid of that last little inch of belly fat. The body's protecting itself by storing the toxins in it, and it will not shed it until toxins stop coming in.

I'm still guilty of eating some processed foods, using conventional hair dye, makeup, and toiletries. So if I want to get rid of fat, I have to take that into consideration. The way I see it is that it's like tug of war, the choices one makes will either lead to optimal health, or it will keep us at a standstill or possibly worse.

So check out the trailer here:

Happy movie watching.