Wednesday, January 30

Eco Oral Hygiene: Izola Bamboo Toothbrushes

 Izola Bamboo Toothbrush Set - $12.50

I was so excited to finally get a wooden or bamboo toothbrush. No more plastic for me! Although a step in the right direction, these were a gift and I would have personally chosen a different brand.

Even though the handle is made out of bamboo, the bristles are nylon which is a synthetic polymer. I would have loved that the entire brush be safe for use and eco friendly. In the future I don't want any plastic in my mouth, and will buy a product that's completely biodegrade (packaging included because this was wrapped in plastic). Aside from that, the head of the brush is very large and I have a hard time getting into tight places. The bristles are hard too. So that's not cool either because I prefer, and have been recommended by my dentist, to use an ultra-soft one. It took some getting use to, and I have to be gentle when brushing.

Again, I'm so grateful for the generous gift and it made me challenge my old habits. I'm happy about that, and will continue using them until it's time to replace them.

Do you use a wooden or bamboo toothbrush? If so, what brand do you like?
♡ Claudia