Thursday, January 3

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Naturally Whiten Teeth?

Awhile back I began a new experiment that furthered my research for whiter teeth using natural methods. So far I have found no solution to achieving extremely white teeth in a natural way, but I wanted to test out longer trials based on some of my first experiments. I'm not one to blindly promote or endorse a remedy without trying it out first. All of the things mentioned on my sites are practices that I love and work wonders. If they don't, I'll let you know that way you can save your time and money.

So on we go! I decided to test out hydrogen peroxide for three months straight. Last time I only did ten days, so I wanted to see if this method would work better over a long period of time. Same as before, all I had to do was gargle it once daily like mouthwash for a minute and spit.

Here's my results after three months:  

Month 1: No sensitivity. Teeth look about the same.
Month 2: No sensitivity. Teeth look about the same.
Month 3: No sensitivity. Teeth look about the same.

I even waited an extra month after finishing to see if I could notice a change. If it took time to process, or perhaps even return to a more natural ivory color if they were indeed whitened a bit. Nothing happened though, and there was absolutely no difference in the color of my teeth. Now, I have very white ivory colored teeth as it is because I take care of them the best I can, so the only way I could see this working is maybe if an individual has extremely yellow teeth. Perhaps they would get some results.

Unreal electric-white smiles only became super popular in the 90's after a ton of celebrities started getting their teeth bleached at the dentist. It does seem to be an unnecessary high standard, and all of these experiments are making it clear to me that it's not suppose to be naturally possible. A healthy ivory is quite flattering, but I wanted to explore all possibilities first to bust any myths about these methods actually working.

Please feel free to leave any natural tips that work for you. Perhaps it will shed light on the subject.
♡ Claudia