Monday, January 21

Craigslist Joe Documentary

When I first saw the trailer for this documentary I couldn't wait to see it. Craigslist Joe is about a guy that travels around the US with only the clothes on his back, a backpack, passport, computer, cell phone, and a toothbrush. He then proceeds to live off of only Craigslist for a month and the hospitably of others by offering his services in return depending on the needs of the individuals. 

This concept is amazing! I'm truly inspired by it. Not only did he have a life-changing adventure, but he also touched the hearts of those he met along the way. I've always dreamt of doing something like this myself with people that I've known online for years. In exchange for travel, a place to sleep, or some produce, I would offer lifestyle mentoring, art advice, or even just company. This movie made me realize that there are a lot of amazing people out there and the need for community is stronger than ever. That's why we gather here online, is it not? We're all searching for something out there in the world, and perhaps going out into it instead of staying in is the only place to truly find it.   

Watch the trailer here:

Also, here's a wonderful interview:

Would you let someone into your world to broaden your horizons?
Happy movie watching!