Monday, January 14

A Day in the Life of Claudia: My Work from Home Advice

A lot of people ask me about my schedule. How do you work from home? How do you stay on task? How do you have time for healthy choices? So to address those questions, I wanted to show you a typical weekday of mine; from the time that I get up, to the time I go to bed. All of these practices help me maintain a high level of productivity, that also allows for healthy living, rest, and playtime. This is something that took time. One good habit after another replaced the old ones until I got to where I wanted to be. It's so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle along with whatever it is that you do, whether you're a student, a working professional, or enjoying retirement. This will allow you to be your very best, both mind and body.

Working from home doing anything, not just art, blogging, and YouTube, will take dedication and hard work. To save you time and cut to the chase, here's what I do to maintain that lifestyle now.

6:00am - 7:00am
This is when I wake up to start the day. I set the alarm clock to 7am just as a precaution, because normally I naturally wake up with the sun a little bit before it goes off. My body is so use to it that it just wakes up when I'm fully rested. When I get out of bed I pull all of the currents open in the house to let in the light because the sun helps wake and energize me. One needs a healthy dose of it to fully function.

I wash my face with warm water and take care of my skin with my natural daily regime. It's one factor that keeps my skin at it's best and the water also helps to wake me up.

To start the morning off right, I go down to the kitchen and grab a tall glass of cold water with a tablespoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (I like to mix it up). This on an empty stomach will promote a healthy metabolism and help make the stomach more acidic to optimally digest food.

After water, I make tea. I do this to make sure that I'm getting adequate amounts of water in the morning before food. That, and I love a good warm cup of tea when it's cool in the morning. I stay away from caffeine with the exception of green or white tea, but usually choose to stick with a lovely tisane, such as chamomile or mint.

It's sunbathing and push-up time! So in the spring and summer months I lay out for 20 minutes in the sun. Just ten minutes on each side is enough to get sufficient vitamin D for the day. If there is no sun to lay in, then I move on to push-ups. I do my 45 each morning.

Now it's breakfast time. I have a rule about no drinks during food or 30 minutes before or after. This is because liquid can dilute stomach acids, therefore making it harder to do it's job and break down food properly. So I don't start preparing food until at least 30 minutes has past. That, and I've read that it's good to drink before eating breakfast, hence the name 'break - fast'. When one eats we are breaking the 7-8 hour fast after sleeping. For breakfast I always make blended juice from a variety of fresh organic greens, veggies, fruits, spices, nuts, and seeds. Or once or twice a week I'll cook one organic brown egg over easy (the yoke is best eaten raw) with cayenne pepper, black pepper, and a tiny pinch of sea salt to go along with it, and just make less blended juice that day. Eating correctly will give you the much needed nutrients to work throughout the day and provide the best energy-filled performance no matter what one does.

I write for my blog. Sometimes if there's extra time I start earlier in the morning like before breakfast, but depending on the content I'm writing, it will take a few hours to complete. So I will wrap up my post sometime before lunchtime ideally.

Now it's time to floss and brush my teeth. Just like the water in the stomach, I do not brush my teeth until 30 minutes after food and drink. The enamel on our teeth is affected by it, even natural foods. Acidic food and drink softens the enamel on our teeth, which can be disrupted if brushing occurs too soon after. One can literately brush their enamel away day after day! So to prevent this, all we have to do is wait a bit. It takes about 30 minutes for the enamel to return to it's full strength and then brushing is no longer an issue. If I have any bleeding gums (which rarely happens, and means that they're infected) I will swish hydrogen peroxide around for a minute to kill the germs and stop the bleeding.  

Water or tea (depends on the season) time again! I make sure to get a lot of water, and always 30 minutes after tending to my teeth.

11:15am - 12:45pm 
This is the time I respond to messages and questions. I get hundreds of messages from all of my sites, and try to respond to the oldest ones first. Please be patient, and if you don't hear from me around this time, that means that a reply will come another day.

Lunchtime! Excellent! My food rules are simple: Try to stay as close to nature as possible, mostly vegan, and spend most of the time chewing. The stomach will not digest large chunks properly so it's vital to chew one's food. Sometimes for lunch I'll blend more juice, have fresh organic locally-grown produce, lots of dried seaweed, some organic steamed vegetables, organic vegan (substitute the meat with beans) corn tortilla tacos without cheese, organic brown rice with organic marinara sauce, or mashed potatoes with garlic and parsley. Those are my typical lunch choices. When I was at Microsoft, my office mate would turn around to find me eating a whole raw cucumber or something similar. It truly is that simple! But when working from home I do normally spend time to make something, and I always eat at the dinning room table for all meals.

2:00pm - 4:00pm
This is the time set aside for freelancing, personal art projects, and YouTube videos. Each day I work on these large long-term projects and eventually complete them over time. This is how I make a living and can work from my home office. I'm a minimalist, so I make my flexible income work. That's the key to living a happy life.  

Another water or tea break and I make sure to do it an hour or so before working out so I'm hydrated, but can use the bathroom before I start exercising so it doesn't get in the way.

4:00pm - 5:30pm
My work day is over, I shutdown the computer, and it's now time for exercise, because it's the perfect way to separate work from play. It's the way that I transition and calm the brain. I usually go outside on a walk or do P90X videos on rainy/extremely cold days. Stretching and yoga are my favorite.

I have more water after my work out and start preparing to make dinner, making sure there is enough time between water and dinner time, which is promptly at 6:00pm.

Dinnertime! I always have fresh seasonal organic locally-grown produce for dinner or fresh homemade organic popcorn with organic virgin coconut oil, sea salt, and a touch of organic Earth Balance along with a piece of fruit for dessert. I basically alternate these, or in the warmer spring and summer months I also like to make salads with my homemade honey mustard thyme dressing.

7:00pm - 9:30pm
Playtime! I have the rest of the evening to relax and do whatever my heart desires. It could be hangout (my personal favorite), talk on the phone, play games, watch movies, read, surf the web, more art, more learning, bathe/shower, etc. So there's always time for everything in the day, nothing has to suffer because there's plenty of time for work/projects and play/rest.

8:30pm - 9pm
Slowly start dimming the lights down during this time so the brain has a chance to get sleepy. The pineal gland governs our wake/sleep cycle, so it's important that it has the opportunity to produce melatonin at this time.

Get ready for bed. I clean and moisturize my face again if I didn't already do so after a bath or shower. I don't wash everything from the neck down everyday because that's too harsh on the skin and hair (especially in the dry cold winter months). That would also weaken the immune system, so I usually shower/bathe every other day and only wash my hair every week (hair stylists will tell you this as well if you want to keep dyed hair looking fresh or to prevent dry or oily hair). I also brush my teeth again for the evening, then it's time to shut the curtains and slip into bed.

10:00pm - 10:30pm
Ideally, I'm sleeping and dreaming by this point. Keeping quality sleep consistent will help keep me young and energized. One can only truly function their best with proper sleep.

Wow! So there you go. That's my current schedule on the weekdays, and how I balance everything so the weekends stay spontaneous and full of fun. That's also when I go to the farmer's market and do house cleaning as well. It's seems like everything works out!



  1. You know, it's really hard to follow your advices from you blog on how to keep myself as healthy as you. I already got the excercising, eating healthy and reducing chemicals down. Is there any other basics that you'd like to recommend for me to follow?

  2. Hi Matthew,
    That's wonderful that you're doing so well. I'm proud of you. :)

    How about your raw greens? What types of greens do you get daily?

    Another great thing would be to switch to organics (both food and cosmetics), or buy from local farmers in your area. I know it's wintertime right now, so I'm sure that you're excited for the spring.

    <3 Claudia

  3. I'm eating veggies and dip plus I got an ad in the mail that a farmers market would be available in my local park around the spring!! So I'm definitely stop there. I'm all set with organics by the way.

  4. That's wonderful about the market. Sounds yummy. Are you making the dip fresh from natural organic plant-based ingredients?

  5. I haven't yet but I'll look into it. So far at the farmer's market, I bought the ground beef, the patties, the cheese and the eggs but I'll get a lot more when they come around.

  6. Wonderful. Try to focus more on the produce at the farmer's market and less on animal products.

    Some greens to try would be kale, dandelions, cilantro, parsley, lettuce, and spinach. Those are all great. :)



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