Tuesday, October 8

How to Make a Tape Dress Form Dummy

Wow, it looks just like me!

I've finally joined the club and now I have my very own Claudia duplicate. We're like twinsies! I needed to make this for my Fran cosplay so that I had something to work off of. They're easy to make and can be created for the entire body or whichever body part is needed. What's great about making a custom form is that it's specific for one's body. That makes it ideal, and it costs only a few dollars to make in comparison to buying a dress form for a lot of money. 

~~Materials Needed~~
Plastic Wrap
Clear Packing Tape
Sharpie Marker

All you do is wrap your body a little tightly in plastic wrap first (Ladies, make sure to do each breast individually instead of one large lump). Then do a few good layers of tape to cover all of the plastic wrap without taping the skin. Next, draw some body landmarks with the sharpie marker on the tape to indicate where things are, and also make some horizontal lines with the sharpie down the center of the back so that when it's cut open it can be realigned properly. Cut it open down the center of the back using the scissors, and lastly use the marks to realign it and tape the seam back together to make a solid form once more.

One thing that I want to point out is that I used clear packing tape for this because I wanted to be able to see through it. Personally, I did this in zee nude because I wanted to see where things were so that they could be marked. Body parts such as the navel, nipples, ribcage, and clavicle are important to mark so then it's easy to cover or align the clothing that's being created with the landmarks. It makes life so much easier when it's clear where those parts are. If you don't have clear packing tape, it's okay, I've also seen duck tape or thick masking tape used as well. Just use what you have, and try to guess with the marks.

Lastly, I used a feather pillow to stuff my form because I didn't having any stuffing and I didn't want to buy any. The pillow worked out great because the feathers mold nicely to the form inside. So then when I'm done using it, the pillow can be removed and the form can be easily stored away.

So have fun making a custom form for your awesome cosplay, Halloween costume or
fashion design. It's a great way to work off of something instead of your actual body.

Love Claudia xx

Monday, July 8

Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay Update: Hair

Check out the New Hair Section of my Fran cosplay!
Please feel free to leave all comments and questions that you have there on the page.

Tuesday, January 15

Claudia's Cosplay of Fran from Final Fantasy XII


"That's what sky pirates do, they fly do they not?"
- Fran FF12

Start Date: 11/04/08
Completion Estimate: 12/31/17
Prep Time: 4-5hrs to get into costume
Total Spent: $584.33
Estimated Total Price: $700 - $850

Fran Portrait painted by Claudia

Why I chose to make this costume:
There is no other character that has spoken to me over the years the way that Fran does. She is everything that I appreciate: Strong, intelligent, beautiful, eloquent, cunning, down to earth, in tune with nature, free, and above all else she's a pirate! I relate to this all so much and find that we have much in common. She's one of three sisters, left the safety of her family, still yearns for the nature that she once knew but moved to a large city to expand her horizons, has an unquenchable sense of adventure, is very fit, and has a fun accent. Even her costume's something that mirrors her personality. It's organic shapes and plant-like design are so beautiful. Her sense of confidence to wear such a thing is impressive too. Something I myself had to come to grips with if I wanted to pull this off the best I can. The female form is elegant and natural. The way I see it is that she's so comfortable with her body that it works to her advance. Similar to how a tribeswoman wears a lone cloth; that's purely functional, free, and acceptable. Which is something that the western culture has forgotten. So this will be my test, and I'm proud to wear it.

My thoughts on this costume:
This is one of the hardest, but most artistic, challenges I've had yet. That's why it's taken me so very long to produce. It tests all of my abilities, which is both indescribably rewarding and excruciatingly frustrating. All of the skills that I have learned at university are coming into play now for this costume. Everything from sculpting, to mixed media, painting, Photoshop, photography, makeup art, acting, and understanding how to portray a character through body language and emotion. Along with my traditional training, the Internet has supplied me with many wonderful videos, articles, and lessons that have helped me throughout the process. Which I'm very grateful for every piece of useful information I've found.

Fran's costume is armor heavy, which presents a different type of challenge than sewing. It's also skintight, so I must maintain a figure that reflects the shape of the character. There's not much room for error, and if my body changes I simply wouldn't be able to fit into it. With that being said, I'm excited to bring this great character to life, and I'll give it my all. She'll be my one, and only, signature cosplay.

Character Reference:
Fran the Sky Pirate Video
Fran Full Body CG
Fran Full Body Ingame Model
Fran Head Shot Cutscene Model
Fran and Balthier Cutscene Models

How I made this costume: (More Coming Soon! Check Back to Follow the Progress Here)
Pre-Planning | Body | Hair | Helmet | Hair Clip | Choker | Bodysuit | Arm Armor | Gloves | Leg Armor | Shoes

Special Thanks:
Aaron - Thank you for being there for me, loving me, and supporting me throughout it all. You truly are my wonderful leading man.
CaptJapan - Thank you for the encouragement throughout the years and all of the support with the awesome ingame reference. I couldn't have done it without your help.
Renzukuken - Thank you so much for the high quality screenshots of Fran. They helped me out immensely.
To all the talented cosplayers out there and lovely people who've encouraged me along the way. You inspire me to give it my all, and never stop trying.

♡ Claudia (AKA Fran)