Friday, December 14

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I was sad when I returned to the parking lot after my experience in Middle-earth. I love that world so much and I didn't want to leave again. Not that I didn't have some minor issues with the film, but overall I loved this movie and was quite happy to see this franchise back on the silver screen. At the last minute I decided to see it in 24fps just like the first films. It was a hard choice, but I haven't quite adjusted to faster frame rates just yet. It doesn't feel right to me to view films that way, like it's live theater or something, and they seem to lose their charming cinematic feel. It was unfortunate to miss out on the 3D, but not on the headache. Reports are claiming that it's really bad and I personally have had issues myself with 3D in the past. I would have done the 3D if it wasn't for the 48fps though.

One aspect that I didn't enjoy, even though the overall experience was wonderful, is that I wish there was less CG and more practical effects. I miss the full body creature makeup because it seemed so much more real and tactile. This film is cluttered with CG, and that definitely takes away from the gritty realistic feel of the first trilogy. That, and the perfect hair of the dwarfs bothered me a little. Great character designs, but I don't know where they find the time to tend to their intricate hairstyles while out on adventures.

Another thing I wasn't into was the humor and speech of the goblins, trolls, and orcs. In comparison to the first trilogy, this was poorly done, making them seem more human with comic relief that wasn't necessary or really working. Something more guttural or hissy would have been preferable.

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it, recommend it, and will be there next year when the second one comes out. The art direction, costumes, lighting, and sets were once again a thing to behold and it made me nostalgic for my first time. Espically Rivendell and the elves which will always be my favorite.

Happy movie watching!

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