Monday, December 10

Heal Your Face by Markus Rothkranz

Heal Your Face was actually how I discovered Markus' work and I'm so glad I did because it has changed my life for the better. I just stubble upon an interview one day and knew that I had to read the book, and keep in contact with Markus (he's great by the way, and so kind). To my surprise he had loads of other content, so I didn't want to start with this one first. Heal Yourself 101 is a must read before Heal Your Face because it goes hand and hand with what he talks about in it.

They're both so profound and I've learned a ton of new things, some of which I already implemented in my daily routine. Also, I look at others and myself differently now. It's fascinating how the face can tell so much. Here's some of the things I've changed already:

Lots of Seaweed - The one thing that Markus recommends to take away from the book above all else is to eat more seaweed because it helps with just about everything. I started blending some fresh seaweed into my morning juices and I started eating more with lunch as well. It's going to be a new Claudia staple. 

Papaya - Helps the liver and has loads of vitamin C, which is great for the skin. Sadly I had never tried one before, and I wanted to change that. So I got one, and blended it too. I was surprised by its smell and taste though. It was more bland than I imagined and had a soft musky aroma. Nevertheless, it's something that I'll eat now from time to time, keeping it in my rotation of fruits. 

Cut Back on Hot Liquids - This one surprised me, but it makes sense. It's not natural to drink hot things and it should be kept at a minimum. I never drank super hot liquids anyway because I knew that that can damage the throat and cause cancer, but now I'm going to limit it further and let my teasanes cool down more. What happens is that the body thinks it has a fever and increases the white blood cell count, we get a little high from it (that's why hot liquids are so comforting), but then over time it can wear on the body if it happens too often. Fascinating indeed that something so minor could be a big deal. 

Spend Time in a Dry Sauna - Saunas in general are great because they're so relaxing and can even burn fat after 30 minutes. I'm so fortunate to have one of these, so I have no excuses and I love going because it feels so good. I can pair 10-15 minutes of sauna time with exercising to get a full hours worth of sweating. It cannot be a wet sauna though, because the chlorine in the water is not so good.

Broccoli - Helps fight sugar additions! I never knew this and is a must for when I can't help my sugar cravings. This usually happens after birthdays or holidays, when I have problems giving it up again.

Onions - I never knew how epic onions are either. Like super epic, good for practically everything, and help keep the body young. So I need to find a way to eat more onions. I blend garlic in my juice, so why not start doing onions too. Haha, nobody is going to partake in my blended juices with me anymore because they're getting too scary and hardcore. Seaweed, garlic, and onion smoothies. Yum! Does the body good.

It's a must read. Get it here:

"Unhappy with your face? Your body is trying to tell you something. Every line, wrinkle, spot, mole, and crease means something. They did NOT just randomly show up on your face. Every part of your face is connected to an organ or body part. If that body part is not functioning properly, it will show up on your face. No amount of cream will change that. If you want to improve your face, you must improve your health. And lucky for you - your face tells you exactly what's wrong with you. Forget plastic surgery - you can do it yourself. After reading this book, you will never look at people (or yourself) the same way again. You will instantly be able to tell what issues they have. And they will wonder why you now look 20 years younger!"

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

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