Thursday, October 11

Raw Fava Bean Salad

So unfortunately I was living under a rock because I didn't know what fava beans were. How uncultured, I know. It wasn't until I watched Markus Rothkranz' video about them (they're mentioned in his book too), and how to make a fantastic bean salad, that I realized I wanted in on this too.

Fava Bean Recipe for HGH, Anti-Aging, Bodybuilding, and Weight Loss

I was fortunate to finally find some, after months of searching, at a market up in Northern California. Let me tell you first hand that they're amazing. Not only yummy, but so cute as well. It was like being a little kid again and discovering a new thing for the very first time. I got a kick out of the bean pods and the little stems that hold them in place. It felt like I was in for a treat, and believe me I was.

They're so good and I want more!

Just follow Markus' instructions in the video, because that's pretty much what I did. With the exception of replacing the hot habanero pepper with cayenne pepper (just because I didn't have any on hand) and adding a good amount of fresh dill to the mix. I have been eating a lot of dill because I'm trying to strengthen my bones.

Waiting was the hard part, because I was eager to taste it. I made it while making breakfast, then I left it to marinate, as instructed, until lunch. It was so good! I pretty much just had that with a large cucumber, and a peach. That's it, and it's very filling. So have fun, and give it a try this season.


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