Thursday, October 4

Family Woods

Photography from my meandering around our family's backyard woods in Michigan.

Also check out the Family Woods Photography Video here:


  1. I love the wilderness... Such beauty.
    Thanks for sharing, Claudia!

    <3 Aaron

  2. Thank you! I'm sure that you have some amazingly beautiful places out there as well. I've never seen most of your state.


  3. Well, I haven't seen much either... ^__^'

    I did post a little animated time-lapse piece of a cumulonimbus formation from near the end of "monsoon" season onto my deviantART...
    Here you go!

    I wish I had a good camera and tripod to do these... and not be in town, standing on the balcony where I'm living. A more Natural setting would be best. I like it for what it is, anyway. I hope you enjoy it too, Claudia. :3


  4. Oh goodness! Get out there then. XD
    Your animation is brilliant hun; thank you for sharing it with me. It made me happy.

    Yes, I hear you about a camera. Indeed. Sadly, there isn't too much of that (nature) left these days. Everything is developed it seems.

    <3 Claudia

  5. I wish I could... My car is soooo close to being 100%, but just not quite. Trust me. I'll be out there asap. ;D

    I'm really glad my animation made you happy, love. Thank you, thank you. <3
    Too bad I won't see any more of those until next year. :(
    Yeah... The more people there are piling up and developing, the less Nature there will be... I hope humans realize that before it's too late... :(

    How's the Nature balance where you live?


  6. Oh really! Awesome! That's great news.

    Yes, indeed. Thank you for sending it to me.

    Yes, I agree. I'm not sure we will though. I try though because I care. A minimalist with no children, that's me.

    There was a beautiful quote in Cloud Atlas that reflects my beliefs: “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

    Well, it's alright. It seems I can never have enough nature though. I love my city as well. I was just in SF the other night and it was wonderful. I walked the streets for about an hour, from BART to a Spanish tapas restaurant in Russian Hill. It was a lovely time.

    <3 Claudia


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