Friday, August 17

I'm Trying to Get My Summer Back

So yeah... Summer is almost over and it didn't even stop and wait for me. Oh well, I guess there's always next year but I really didn't think that I would miss out on the entire season.

I picked this magazine up at my local H&M this week, and that was pretty much as eventful as my summer outings are concerned. The farmer's market, exercising, physical therapy, and seeing family were some of the only exceptions within the past months. I can't believe we only have one month left, and I thought that I would be well again by now. I had just forgotten how much time it takes, being that the last bone I broke was when I was a kid. The memories are not very potent.

The Summer 2012 Magazine is out. Pick one up for free at H&M. 

Fashion and makeup is a creative outlet for me, and every season is exciting because in a way it's like making history through one's look. Think back to your favorite decades and how much fashion and style influenced it. So I unfortunately can't relive summer 2012 because fashion and makeup trends are always in flux. That of which is something that I love mixing with my personal style. It's like a happy marriage of being on trend, and doing wait ever the hell you want. If that even makes sense.

So I will read my magazine, as I watch the last days of summer fade away. Do me a favor please, and tell me what you did this summer. What were some of your most grand adventures? Your stories will make me happy and put a smile on my face. Perhaps I can relive my summer through you.

Love Claudia xx


  1. My summer wasn't too eventful as money was tight, but that doesn't mean I didn't have fun :)

    I played a few games, hung out with friends from church, spent an entire month with my kiddos, worked on some concept drawings, enrolled in the upcoming college semester, started writing down story ideas, getting ready to reorganize the house, wrote some papers, etc.....

    Ok, so maybe my summer was pretty eventful, lol. Sorry you broke your toes, but you know, even though summer is almost gone, fall has just as many wonders as summer does and the lack of excess heat is always a plus :)

  2. Wow! You did have an eventful summer. Again, I'm really happy to hear that you got to spend it with your children. Has school started again for you?

    Yes, you're absolutely correct. Fall is my favorite. Here though were I'm from, it doesn't get too hot because of the ocean. We're lucky if we get a day in the low 80's. I do like the warm weather. So I'm sure your autumn sounds just perfect.

    Thanks dear, smile achieved! Have an awesome weekend.
    <3 Claudia

  3. You're very welcome :)

    Classes start back up on the 27th and I'm really excited. I'm even reviewing my algebra book so I can be caught up when class starts, lol. That's actually a first for me O.o

    Autumn where I'm from can get chilly, but not too bad. Temperatures usually round out around 70-75 for the most part mid Fall. I like it because I get to bring out my Bomber jacket, which is my favorite article of clothing :D

    I hope your weekend is going awesome as well :)

  4. :D Oh awesome! I loved school. I'm so happy for you.

    Oh there you go! Bomber Jacket for the win. Yeah, fall clothing is always fun. My favorite are my thigh-high boots. They're so warm, and give me a workout because that leather is heavy.

    It is, thank you. Today is always farmer's market day. So I'm back now, and I walked too.

    <3 Claudia

  5. I don't know why, but the only "thigh high" boots I liked were Rouge's from X-Men. Then again she also had an awesome brown jacket to go with her costume so I was a fan of Rouge early on, lol. Knee high boots are actually the ones I like better. I actually saw a pair of knee high converse shoes, and they were pretty awesome :)

    I'm glad to see that you're up and walking around :)

    Ninja Drew

  6. Hey Hey Ninja!
    Yeah, that's my favorite Rouge costume too. <3 Love it! Yes, those converse are pretty neat. I've seen them as well.

    Thank you! Do you have an awesome place to go walking yourself?

    <3 Claudia

  7. Not really an awesome place, as I mostly just go on walks around my neighborhood. Growing up I used to ride my bike all over the place and because there were incomplete roads my friends and I took advantage of that set up some really nice ramps to jump our bikes on. Those really were the days.

    When we visited my grandparents in Missouri we would go on walks along the roads as they lived in the country and it literally took 3-5 minutes to walk to the neighbors house, lol.

  8. Wow! Those do sound like fun days! :D Perhaps with a little searching you and the kiddies could discover a new bike trail. I miss biking too. <3

    That's awesome about Missouri, and it sounds so wonderful.

    Cheers dear,
    <3 Claudia


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