Thursday, August 16

I Just Finished Up Farscape

Farscape was just something that I popped in during the evenings, and before I knew it it was over. How did that happen so fast? Well that was one thing that I liked about it going in; four seasons and a movie (I don't plan on reading the comics because people have already filled me in) is pretty short in comparison to most shows. So I decided to make time for it finally and I'm glad I did.

It really was excellent, and I loved all of the characters so much because they're relatable and realistic. I even liked the bad guys and was always so forgiving if they changed for the better. Although, I would have to say that my favorite character was Aeryn Sun, not only because she's a fellow Claudia, but because I really liked her look, personality, and awesome accent. Strong females are always nice, and every main girl character on the show was brilliant in their own way.

I also enjoyed all of the puppetry, special effects makeup, and costumes too. It's definitely inspiring to see all of the hard work put into the traditional mediums. Whenever they used CG sometimes it would look a little dated or low budget, so the classic methods are much preferred and respected.

Lastly, the seasons seemed to blend together for me. I didn't even have a favorite because they all seemed like part of one long story. Sometimes series can get boring or have bad seasons that fans just disregard, but all of Farscape was great and very memorable.

Has anyone out there watched it? If so, what did you like and who was your favorite character?
♡ Claudia