Monday, July 9

Stephen Fry in America

I adore Stephen Fry. So when I found this BBC TV series called Stephen Fry in America I just had to watch it. His philosophy on life, fantastic British accent, and heart-felt narration make this show so entertaining. I find myself agreeing with a lot of his points (expect for dancing, because I love to dance!) and want to travel the US in a similar fashion. It's been a dream of mine for quite some time. I plan on doing it, because I'm just dying to go on a long road trip. Then perhaps I can meet some of you fabulous people along the way. Anyway, take a peek at the series. It was surprising how much one can learn about all the States as well.

Here's the six part series:

Has anyone ever traveled around America like this? 
If so, tell me your stories. I would love to hear them.

Love Claudia xx

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