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How to Get Rid of Puffy Under Eyes Naturally

Health is beauty. Beauty is health. They're one in the same, and most beauty issues can be linked to poor health. This took me years to comes to grips with, because I was healthy right? I told myself that as I sat 12 hours a day working, eating candy, drinking bottled water, playing video games during break, never getting sun, associating with negative people, not sleeping properly, partying into the night, and eating out all of the time. Just because I wasn't overweight and completely falling apart, I was healthy, right?

Now it all makes sense. The more I started caring about myself, not in an egotistical way but in a respectful way, my life started to change. Problems that I thought were dictated by genes or age would disappear, I would have mad amounts of energy, and I started to love life in the same genuine way that I did once upon a time when I was a little child.

There is no pill, potion, or doctor that can help. We have to take responsibly for what is happening to our own bodies. Everything on the outside is a sign of what is happening on the inside. I'm not just talking about eating a salad every now and then; I'm talking a complete lifestyle change, one baby step at a time.

So let's begin with this step: How to cure puffy under eyes naturally. As mentioned before, this is a warning sign because your body is trying to get your attention. There is an internal problem which is most likely caused by insufficient nutrition, lack of proper exercise, and not enough quality sleep.

What causes puffy under eye bags:

- Processed foods, animal products, grains, alcohol, and caffeine. We are what we eat, and all of these things cause puffiness and fluid retention. Get rid of them or seriously cut back!

- Inflammation or irritation of a corresponding organ. Most likely the kidneys are overworked and swollen because of poor diet. The kidneys are specifically related to the under eye area.  

- Dehydration. Not getting enough water is a huge problem. Ideally, we should stay hydrated through the fresh fruits that we eat, and supplement extra through spring water on the side. Remember, water is the universal solvent and it will help repair the kidneys and other organs.  

- Stress. This can be the cause of a lot of issues. Just try your best.

- Too many late nights. Sleep is so important! It's the time the body shuts down and heals. It's important to go to sleep with the sun. Those are the best and most crucial hours for rest. I'm typically in bed by 9:30pm and sleeping by 10pm. I rarely need to set an alarm clock these days because I wake up when my body is ready. I'm typically up naturally between 6-7am, and that's the best feeling in the world.

- Allergies. Poor diet and chemical cosmetics make the body more susceptible to all sorts of things because the immune system is overburdened. I use to have seasonal allergies and I thought it was inevitable because I was born that way. Nope! Now it's not a problem anymore; it's all a thing of the past.

So now that we know that we're not doomed by age or genes, here are some things to help combat under eye puffiness. Just remember that every little bit counts.

Long and short term treatments:

- Start eating more greens. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, bok choy, cilantro, parsley, basil, sage, dill, alfalfa, wheat grass, dandelion, celery leaves, bitter melon leaves (this is extremely bitter, which means it's extremely awesome), broccoli, snap peas, etc. Just remember to eat them raw, and pick out the most colorful varieties. Blended, juiced, or in salads are always best. If they're cooked over 115 degrees, that changes the food's chemical makeup. Eating organic, fresh produce is important too. How long ago were they picked? Ask the farmer, they don't bite. Or even better yet, if you're good with plants, grow your own so then they can be consumed within minutes or hours of being picked. That would be great! 

- Get to bed. This is so easy, but so important because this is when cell production increases and the body heals. Also, it's really important to sleep on one's back to insure proper blood flow to the skin. If we don't, this constriction of the blood causes puffiness. Start turning off or dimming the lights around 8-9pm. I actually try not to turn lights on at all for both health and eco reasons. It's amazing how sleepy I get! This is wonderful, and how nature intended. Our bodies produce more melatonin after dark and this makes us drowsy. So if we're staring at screens or surrounded by bright lights our bodies will not become tired easily.

- Drink water throughout the day. My water fasting taught me how vitally important water is for healing. The more water we drink the less water retention we'll have. The body is trying to hang onto all of the water it can when it's not getting a sufficient amount, and this is making us puff up.

- Get up, and take a walk. This is the best remedy for stress. It's also great to get out in the fresh air and warm sun for a bit of exercise. This will help with water retention as well.

- The cold reduces swelling. Putting cold green tea bags, chilled spoons, or ice on the area for ten minutes will help as well, but remember that this is a quick fix when in a pinch. Putting one's eye cream in the fridge to chill will have a similar effect and de-puff the swollen area.

- Find a nice concealer. A temporary, but common, way to mask puffiness is with a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin color. This can be applied to only the shadows of the puffy bags to create the illusion of a flat surface.

So there you have it, and just remember that the body will always let you know what's wrong.
We just have to listen and be wise about it. Our health is in our hands.

♡ Claudia


  1. Unfortunately, I've messed up my sleep schedule again... I don't really remember what happened, but it may have been when I was finishing up my last piece.
    It's all done, so I need to start working on myself again...

    It's great how much can be repaired and maintained by just eating/sleeping correctly.

    Thanks for this Claudia.

    Your druid

  2. Ah yes, I'm guilty too. Last night I was up until 11pm watching a movie.

    Well, no worries about that, and we'll do better today! :D I would love to see your work though.

    Yes! It truly is key. Sun too, but that's a catch-22. One needs to eat healthy to get sun, but needs sun to be healthy. That's why I'm eating tons of greens and watermelons (natural sunscreen) recently, because I've been trying to get out in the sun more. It's helping my bones get strong again and I'm almost back to normal.

    <3 Claudia

  3. Heh. Sometimes you just need a movie. :D

    Sounds good! I'm so very happy you're progress continues. I miss watermelon.


  4. Indeed. But I see that your message is marked 2am! XD Sleep my little Druid, your projects can wait.

    Oh yes, it took me awhile to find a farmer with organic melons with seeds. It's like nobody wants the seeds these days, which is very unfortunate because they're really good for the body.

    <3 Claudia

  5. Oh wow. So it was. ^__^'
    Sleep has been arriving earlier.
    Yes yes, goddess. :D

    Oh, you eat the seeds? I'll have to try that. Just crunch 'em?


  6. Aww! <3 Wonderful!

    Yes, that and I usually blend them up for my morning juices and just drink them. I do the same for lemon, limes, grapefruit, oranges, and grapes. The seeds and rinds always go into the blender.

    The only seeds I don't eat are apples, because those are not suppose to be eaten. Pears too, I don't eat those because I just don't know enough about them.

    Always buy plants with seeds, because the ones without are man-made hybrids. Seedless fruits are mutations and then bred to create more. Bad on us.

    I recommend this quick watch:

    I best be off darling. It's time for me to buy more at the market today.

    <3 Claudia

  7. Ah yes. Apples seeds have trace amounts of cyanide, if I'm remembering correctly.
    Indeed. I'm not a fan of naval oranges, etc.
    They don't taste right, either.

  8. Yes, you know your stuff! I was just talking to a farmer today, and they will have red grapes with seeds soon. I'm so excited. The seeds have high levels of resveratrol in them too. I never knew that. So that's awesome. :D

    Hope all is well hun,


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