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How to Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles Naturally

Dark circles are more serious than puffy under eye bags. And no, these aren't just girl problems, these are health issues. They aren't genetic or age related either, and one can get rid of them because they are not natural. Dark circles could indicate that one has an internal health problem. Once again, this is the body's way of giving us a signal that something's wrong. We've just lost touch with ourselves and don't know how to understand the symptoms. Face mapping has been used for what seems like forever by the Chinese and it's a way to tell what's wrong with the body by understanding the face. So what do dark circles tell us?

What causes dark under eye circles:

- Poor Diet. We are what we eat, and processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs, table salt, isolated sugar, and bad oils can take a toll on the body quickly. It's as simple or as hard as we want to make it. Just be mindful and strong, because I know how hard kicking a food addiction is.

- Parasites. This sounds like madness, but it's unfortunately true. An individual with dark circles might be suffering from a parasite infestation. The typical American diet makes us more susceptible to them, because parasites thrive in this environment and feed off of it. The best way to clean them out is to stop eating the foods that they live off of. This is pretty much all processed foods, starchy carbs, grains, sugar, dairy, and raw meat like sushi. If these foods are part of the diet, then parasites are almost a guarantee. They're all mucus forming and the parasites can't live without them, but we can. So get out that juicer or blender and start right away.

- The kidneys and adrenal glands are not functioning properly. Not getting enough leafy greens is linked to this as well, and dark circles are specifically caused by a vitamin K deficiency.

- Stress and emotions. Stress is a huge factor. If emotions are running wild, just try your best to calm yourself. Breathing is great for this and helps me all of the time.

- Psychical and mental exhaustion. Be asleep by 10pm. If one's not sleeping during the hours of 10pm-2am then the organs do not get cleansed properly. The saying "beauty sleep" will take new meaning.

- Over medicated. Pills are not the answer to anything, they're only a bandage. They do not heal, they just suppress, and in turn cause more damage by side effects. Let food be your medicine.

So now that we know the causes, here are some things that can help combat dark under eye circles. Just remember that every little bit counts.

Long and short term treatments:

- Start eating more greens. This will help with give the body much needed vitamin K and help starve the parasites. Lettuce, collards, spinach, kale, cabbage, parsley, dandelion, cucumber with the peels, celery, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, and peas are all great sources. Just remember to eat them all raw. Blended, juiced, or in salads are always best. Eating right can also help one rid themselves of medication. I highly recommend watching Forks Over Knives, it's a lifesaver.

- Go to bed earlier. Try to make this a regular habit. Start by going to bed five minutes earlier every night and set the alarm clock five minutes ahead. That way the body can slowly get use to the time shift until it becomes second nature. Then, one can just wake up naturally when the body wants to instead of forcing it. It's also very important to sleep on one's back to insure proper blood flow to the skin. If we don't, this constriction causes pooling under the delicate skin below the eyes causing dark circles.

- Meditate. Stress is a killer, and it's so important to try to manage this. Breathing exercises and meditation will completely calm the mind and body down. I find that a good time for this is during the early mornings, and once again before going to bed. During bath time is great too and so refreshing!

- Get outside. Exercise will help in so many ways. It calms the mind, floods the body with endorphins which makes us happy, gets the blood pumping, and the muscles working. So much good can come from more time outside in the fresh air.

- Try a turmeric mask. Make a paste out of a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of turmeric. Put it on your dark under circles for 20 minutes and gently wash it off with warm water or hop in the shower when the time is up. Just remember that this is a quick fix and not a solution to the real underlying problem.

- Find a nice concealer. Another temporary, but common, way to hide dark circles is with a concealer that's one or two shades lighter than your skin color. This can be applied to only the dark areas around the eye to create the illusion of a consistent skin tone.

So there you go, and just remember that dark circles are not just a cosmetic problem.
The body can heal itself if we make positive changes in our lives.

♡ Claudia


  1. Thank you for thinking of me. It's a very interesting subject! :)

  2. Oh of course! :) You're very welcome.
    <3 Claudia

  3. This should help me, especially lately.
    Thank you so much, Claudia.

    Your druid

  4. Oh noes! Is it the sleep?
    <3 Claudia

  5. It might be. I hope it is, anyway!
    I just have to do better and see.


  6. Heehee, yes, probably. Again, I'm noticing your time stamp. XD


  7. Heh. Yeah, I've been struggling... I felt pretty lousy yesterday.
    I woke up around noon today, so I think I can get to bed before midnight this time.
    It might be larger changes than fifteen minutes, but it's worked so far, and hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.


  8. Aww. :( Poor dear.
    I'm sure you'll do great.

    <3 Claudia


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