Friday, July 13

Ethos Made Me Sad

Last night I watched a documentary called Ethos, which made me so incredibly upset. By the end of the film I found myself furrowing with arms crossed, both of which I tend not to do quite often. It was about the world and all of the problems we face in this modern era, focusing specifically on the US. The film speaks out about media, banks, government, the lack of true freedom, ecological issues, poverty, and everything else that is unjust in the world but totally a choice that the wealthy elite make for us. Or is it?

Watch the documentary here or on Netflix:

For me this is a good reminder, because I was aware of most of the issues the film discusses, but it still gets to me. How can there be individuals out there that would want this? Just for power and money? How can they not see that we are all one and this will affect them too in the long run. Short term profit cannot be that blinding, can it?

I wanted to quote the end of the film because there is hope and like mentioned, we're not powerless. We just have to be very responsible, take some of the blame, and don't be lazy about it. By choosing what we buy we can control all of this. Every time we purchase something it's a vote being cast. Get to know the companies that you buy from. What type of business do they have? Do they hurt people, animals, or the Earth in the process? If so, it's as easy as not buying from them. Don't like pesticides, than support organic farmers. Plastics making you emo, try cutting out as much as you can. Is your shampoo cruelty free? Do research to find out or make homemade products that are even more awesome. What about coal obtained from flattening the Appalachian Mountains to power one's home? Wind and solar energy are cleaner and more cost efficient alternatives. The list goes on and on. Consumerism as a whole is destroying us and world. Even something as simple as passing an item onto a friend, going to the library, carpooling to work, or buying used goods at a thrift store can help out so much.

"However, the unlikely and ironic outcome of consumerism is that it makes you, the consumer, all powerful.  The way we use money has more influence in our society than anything else. And the way  we  choose to spend our money  can change everything.  No company will continue a practice or product that you, the consumer, will not buy. It's vitally important that you understand this, because this gives you ultimate power to change the world you live in." - Ethos

I never like to be the bearer of bad news. Positivity is always best, but this one really got me going. Remember, we make the choices. We can choose what type of world we want to live in.

Cheers and happy movie watching.


  1. You're absolutely correct, Claudia.
    That saddest part of all this, is that people think there are no choices, and worse yet, most people don't seem to think about it, much less care. :(

    The lack of options depending on where one lives is also unfortunate. I tried looking for coconut oil today, to no avail.

    The system we live in has become complex, but the simplicity of what we can do still remains after all this time.

    I've always had some disdain about the way things are in the world, but without getting into politics, I think there is some reason to hope that things will get better. We all must do our part, because we are indeed part of a whole, and we need to wake up to what the world is, instead of just what has been manufactured for our money.

    Thank you for this, as always, Claudia. <3

    Druid Aaron

  2. Yes, well. Sometimes it's because of lack of knowledge as well. Myself included. I would have started changing along time ago if I knew more.

    Really? I get my coconut oil from Trader Joe's. Maybe there's one close by?

    Yes, I completely agree. When I get overwhelmed by it, I reflect it back onto myself and see what changes I can make. That helps me.

    No, thank you, it's always a pleasure.
    <3 Claudia

  3. Oh! Thank you! I didn't know Trader Joe was an actual store, too, instead of just a brand. I will absolutely check them out as soon as possible! I wants me some coconut oil! :D

    I'm right there with you, Claudia, and I find it sad how old traditions can interfere with knowledge that can benefit peoples' lives.

    You're welcome, but I'm still going to keep thanking you. ;P

    Druid Aaron

  4. Yuppers! Haha, hurray for coconut oil.

    Yes, that's so true. My parents have a hard time changing some habits, but slowly I think I'm getting through. :D

    Aww! <3


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