Wednesday, July 18

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection!

I'll say it again, just in case: Thank you so much! Heehee.

Recently a wonderful, amazing, awesome friend of mine surprised me with the CS6 Master Collection. I'm so incredibly grateful, and words can't even explain how much a gesture like that meant to me. I'm starting to poke around and have found that I'm getting the hang of it already.

This is also very good news for videos, because from here on out tutorials will be made with the current software. After Effects was working pretty good, and I finished my latest video with it. I was a little afraid that my computer couldn't handle it, but it wasn't too bad at all. Photoshop seemed to be working alright as well, even with testing super large files. So that's awesome! Let's just see what happens with screen capturing.

I have a sketch planned as a gift, and he's going to get the full-sized file.
♡ Claudia


  1. So cool! I still have to check out your video too, so expect more compliments soon. ;D

    Hope you're getting more well-deserved rest.

    Druid Aaron

  2. Oh thanks Druid Aaron. Yes, today I need to rest.

    <3 Claudia


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