Thursday, June 21

TED Rocks My World

So I must have been living under a rock, because it wasn't until Netflix put up the TEDtalks that I discovered their awesomeness. Again, because I've been in bed recovering, I wanted to spend some time learning and feeding the mind. I ended up watching almost all of them! I just couldn't get enough. They're on every subject imaginable: Beauty, green living, science, health, culture, food, design, art, and so forth.

Check out TED

Also, just for fun, here's a faux TEDtalk for Prometheus

There's truly something for everyone and they're all free, which I appreciate very much. Education should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. That's one reason why I love doing what I do here on my blog and YouTube. I find such joy in helping others and teaching (perhaps that's the Virgo in me). That's why I get bent out of shape that only a select few can afford the top schools or teachers. It's something that I would like to help change, just like TED. Whether it be art, beauty, ecology, or health, I hope that what I do inspires or encourage others. Never stop learning and never stop giving.

In closing, here's one of my favorite inspirational moments from all of the videos.