Thursday, June 21

TED Rocks My World

So I must have been living under a rock, because it wasn't until Netflix put up the TEDtalks that I discovered their awesomeness. Again, because I've been in bed recovering, I wanted to spend some time learning and feeding the mind. I ended up watching almost all of them! I just couldn't get enough. They're on every subject imaginable: Beauty, green living, science, health, culture, food, design, art, and so forth.

Check out TED

Also, just for fun, here's a faux TEDtalk for Prometheus

There's truly something for everyone and they're all free, which I appreciate very much. Education should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. That's one reason why I love doing what I do here on my blog and YouTube. I find such joy in helping others and teaching (perhaps that's the Virgo in me). That's why I get bent out of shape that only a select few can afford the top schools or teachers. It's something that I would like to help change, just like TED. Whether it be art, beauty, ecology, or health, I hope that what I do inspires or encourage others. Never stop learning and never stop giving.

In closing, here's one of my favorite inspirational moments from all of the videos.



  1. This, among other things, is why I admire you so much, Claudia.
    I wasn't able to finish my education because money got in the way, so I completely agree that money is a hindrance.

    I look forward to your next, Claudia. <3

  2. Aww, thanks so much Aaron. You're a doll.
    Yes, money does seem to get in the way of a lot of things. I hear ya about that. :) We'll find a way around it though. I'm optimistic.

    <3 Claudia

  3. Hahaa. No, no... You're definitely more attractive. <3

    Money does get in the way of many things... In fact, I wonder why money must be a factor in most things. The financial problems happening now are part of the problems felt worldwide, but the simple fact that there is a problem to begin with doesn't seem to be opening enough peoples' eyes...
    I'm sure we could spend immense time on the subject.

    I would still like to finish my training in animation, but even if I never get to complete another formal class, I'll still keep pursuing what I love. Luckily, learning can happen anytime one is willing; independent of institution.

    Optimism can go a long way, too, so definitely keep it. ;D


  4. Oh goodness! XD

    Yes, I completely agree. Well, when I get money (I like to speak like this, heehee) I'm going to be a philanthropist.

    One can learn animation in many ways. Society says that a University is the best, but that's not true these days. With YouTube and other great online sources anything is possible. You can learn just as much that way as in a classroom. Sure you don't get the one-on-one experience with people physically, but that's why I encourage people to hangout out with like-minded individuals.


  5. Goodness, indeed. It's true! <3

    Heh. I like to think that way, too. ;D
    That's good! Generosity is a wonderful trait. If I can get to that point, I'll do the same, but I have so many other things I want to experience, like learning to fly, seeing the world, and silly ideas like constructing venues where people can NERF/airsoft/paintball with spectators enjoying the calamity from above while enjoying some good food before or after they decide to jump into the fray of games like capture-the-flag and zombie-survival. ^__^

    *nods* I read a small article that showed that about half of people surveyed said they did not consider post-secondary education to be worth the money, and that figure was on the rise. It's a shame, but we know how it got that way...
    I hope you got to finish, though. What exactly did you study? :D

    Yes, Youtube IS a great source!
    There are many great tutorials and demonstrations. Friends are excellent, too!
    *pokes* ;D
    Speaking of which, I wish we could hang out. I think we definitely seem to fit the "like-minded individuals" category, and I know we'd have a blast. But, you should definitely heal first before you consider that for later.

    Druid Aaron <3

  6. Flying is good fun! That's wonderful. My father's a pilot:

    Heehee. Oh really? That's awesome. NERF is fun, paintball seems scary though. They seems like they would hurt. So I'd be the one in the stands eating during that part. lol

    Yeah, I finished. I have my BFA in Character Animation, and had the top marks in my graduating class. But it left me with a six figure debt. So I'm a bitter girl sometimes too about that.

    Heehee yes! Thanks druid Aaron. :3 Indeed!


  7. Oh wow! Great photo! I love the aged look.
    Lucky! Happen to know the make/model of the plane? :D
    I've been interested in aircraft since I was very little (thanks to my dad being an aircraft enthusiast), but I've only been up in the air once... That's all it took, though. I knew I was truly a fan (terrible pun)!
    Another Netflix suggestion for you would be Flying Wild Alaska. Great show. I'm watching the first season now, but the second season is currently on Discovery Channel, Fridays at... 22:00 for you? Not sure... Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings.

    Heh, yeah. My old friends and I used to NERF all the time when we were younger. I still collect them, but I don't get much chance to play anymore. I have a paintball marker, but haven't been out to play yet... I hear they can definitely hurt if you get hit in the wrong places. Airsoft is less painful, since they're just little lightweight pellets.
    Hehe, wanna come over and NERF? XD

    That's great that you finished, and with such high marks! Congrats! I definitely know how you feel about the debt... I'm in the same boat. What those "financial" institutions are doing to people is really quite terrible. I'm not letting it get to me, though, as bitter as the topic may be.

    Y--yeah? :D
    I'd be so honored! Well, if you'd want to take me up on that NERF proposal, that'd be a blast, although I'd have to see what other friends here would be willing to join us... I really want to get my car repairs finished soon, so after that, I could make the trip, too. Traveling is one thing I love.
    If all else fails, I plan on visiting my best friend up in Missoula, Montana. I've known him since the first grade, and we've been practically brothers since then. Not sure when exactly, but we joked about him giving me notice of "bad" weather, and chill with him, his wife and friends. I'd like to see Yellowstone on the way North, so having someone who appreciates nature as I do would make the whole trip that much more worth while.
    Maybe you'll have your camera by then, so you could have a plethora of photos and things to talk about when you get home! :D

    Wow. I totally just got really really excited about this. Hope I didn't go overboard. ^__^'

    *nods* So yes. Please let me know what you think.

    Your druid,

  8. Yes, it's a Cherokee 140. Wow, only flew once. Where did you go? Ah, cool about the show. I'm just finishing up a similar show called "Stephen Fry in America." I love him and he travels to all 50 states. heehee

    I have a NERF gun. It's a revolver. Pew! Pew! Let's do this. XD

    Yes, I try not to bring it up either and try to remind myself that's it's not worth the energy.

    Montana! What a pretty place. That sounds wonderful. Indeed, that would be awesome.


  9. Ah, sweet! I had a little cast iron toy of one those when I was a kid. Piper makes some great planes. I like Super Cubs, too. Very rugged.
    Yeah, I was only up once, and it was back home from the local regional airport. I don't remember the model, but it was a twin engine prop. Might have been a Cessna. We took a short hop about half way across the state, had breakfast for lunch, then came back. There was a bit of chop, but not too bad.
    So much fun... It's been a life goal of mine to get my license. Flying Wild Alaska has definitely re-cemented that in my heart recently. To dance among the clouds is probably one of the most beautiful things I can imagine doing. I plan on building some of the aircraft I've designed. Hopefully, my designs will be viable, especially my "Tatsumaki" (Tornado).

    I don't think I've seen that, but it definitely sounds interesting. Does he showcase different attractions/sights from each State?

    Oh you have one? Sweet! Six rounds? If so, it's probably the Maverick, ya? If you're up for suggestions, I recommend the Spectre. It's like the Maverick, only more reliable; less prone to misfires and jamming.
    *makes tough face and slaps a magazine into my NERF Vortex launcher* You're gonna need it! >:D
    I'm ready when you are!

    Yes, let's not bother ourselves with that topic. *tosses topic out the window*

    Montana definitely seems great. He only has good things to say about the area and all nature there is to see. It'll be amazing, definitely.

    As an added topic, while you're here you should definitely try out the Cintiq, and we would absolutely check out the parks nearby, swim, relax outside (and in the hot tub), and have all the game time you could handle. I'm definitely looking forward to it!

    I hope healing is going well, m'dear.

    Druid Aaron

  10. Oh awesome.
    That sounds super cool. :D Yes, indeed. It's fun to go up. Wow, yes Alaska sounds so beautiful too. See all this talk makes me want to sell all my belonging and travel around the world! I would be a happy girl.

    That's super neat that you design them too, and quite impressive.

    Yes, he just goes around and experiences what makes each State unique:

    Oh yeah, I'm not sure. He's a little guy. You know your NERF, so I trust you. :3 Oh noes! XD

    Aww! Wonderfully fantastic. All sounds good!

    Thank you, yes, one of the toes is doing awesome. I can put normal pressure on it (no running anytime soon). Which I'm so happy about. The other one's still got some work. So I'm happy with hobbling for the time being. XD

    <3 Claudia

  11. It was a good trip, as short as it was. Being in the air definitely helped put things in perspective for me, too.
    Alaska does look amazing. Heh, there's this idea up there that once you're there, it gets in your heart and you never want to leave, but for those that do leave, some part of them wants nothing more than to go back.
    It seems like a definitely genuine form of lifestyle there. Every day is critically important, in a way that many people down here just don't appreciate.

    Et tu? :D
    Perhaps you wouldn't have to worry about selling everything, but should you set out, I would be such a happy pup if you'd do me the honor of having me accompany you. I believe we see the world in a similar way, so I know of no one I would rather have that experience with. <3

    Oh! Thank you, Claudia! I've only ever put a few down on paper, but the "Tatsumaki" is my favorite, and hopefully airworthy, being of a somewhat radical design. I still need to build a physical model and get it in a wind tunnel to be sure. If you'd like to see her, I will e-mail you a link to my Photobucket, since I'm still quite secretive about certain projects.

    That sounds like it'd be interesting to watch! I'll definitely have to check it out. :D

    Haha, that's cool, though! I never underestimate the "little guys". One of the only times I had a headshot scored on me was from a little guy, so no worries. ;D
    I'm pretty good with NERF info, but I'm no expert. Thank you, Claudia! I won't let you down. <3
    Ooooh yeeeeah! One of my favorite games is Zombie NERF, and I've had some amazing games while I was in school, mainly because I scared the crap out of everyone when I was the initial zombie. They said it was straight out of a movie. >:D
    There were five panicking people on the other side of a stairwell door. I was throwing myself against the other side and making zombie sounds. They were all blocking the door, so I suddenly stopped. Silence on both sides. I heard someone whisper if the others thought I had gone, which was of course my queue to suddenly begin again. The best part was one of them yelling for the others to escape while he stayed and held the door.
    Hahaa... So much fun! >:D

    Yay! I'd love to see what you could do with it, and talking and sharing ideas will be a dream for me. <3

    I'm so glad to hear such good progress, Claudia. Heh, even hobbling is probably such a relief for you, I would imagine. I know I'd definitely feel that way. Even if sending my thoughts of wellness to you isn't directly involved in your healing process, I hope that the knowledge they are being sent still helps you. <3

    Your druid,

  12. That's absolutely wonderful about Alaska. It does seem quite beautiful. The cold would have me though after awhile. I truly love being warm, so I would visit often, but not stay.
    Do you love the warmth down where you are? It seems quite nice.

    Well, I figured the money could go towards the traveling. I would need some funds before I could go anywhere or it would be a very short trip indeed. Have you ever tried couch surfing? Happy pup! Aww. You're cute. Money indeed is what stops me from doing most things.

    Wow! Your Tatsumaki sounds brilliant. That's so neat that you can build them like that. It blows my mind. Yes, I'll have to check my email for the photos. Bwah! You should see me inbox. I try to go from the bottom so that I can respond in order. Soon though, I promise! <3

    Okay then. :D I might get you. One can be more sneaky with little weapons. Be prepared! Oh my! Zombie NERF sounds fun, but truly terrifying. Then I'll have nightmares of a Zombie Druid.

    Yes! Hobbling is such a good thing. :D My ass is starting to get sore from laying and sitting so much. Soon though, it shouldn't be too much longer. Hurray!
    Oh thank you Aaron. I'm sure it helps. It's energy right?

    Have you ever broken anything?



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