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Symptoms of Early Menopause

This is a guest post from Moira Taylor that writes about women's health and finances.

Signs of early menopause can be hard to detect or missed completely, especially in younger women. In most cases, menopause begins around 45 years of age. One in every 100 women will be completely different and have early menopause or at least the symptoms of early menopause. Below are some of the signs that indicate you may be experiencing this strange, but completely healthy, condition.

Irregular Bleeding
For most women, the most common and noticeable sign of early menopause is irregular bleeding. However, it can be hard to distinguish whether this is actually early menopause or not, because many women already experience irregular or excessive bleeding during their normal cycle. In the case of early menopause, it is very common to miss a cycle or two, and the following month have two cycles in one month. Sporadic menstrual cycles like this are generally a sign of early menopause.

Hot Flashes
A lot of women who begin to have hot flashes associate this with menopause. A hot flash feels like your entire body is getting warm, and then there is a rush of perspiration. Hot flashes are much like night sweats, in which some women wake up in a soaking sweat. Scientifically, there is no generally agreed upon reason for night sweats or hot flashes, but over 40% of women have them, and it is a sure sign of early menopause. Either can occur regularly, for as long as five years. Some women have them for up to ten.

Mood Swings
It has been often said that mood swings are a sign of early menopause, but there is no concrete evidence to that. Experts generally agree that mood swings could actually be due to the fact that a woman is not getting enough sleep, because of night sweats or hot flashes. Generally, mood swings can occur if there is a lack of sleep, regardless of age or sex.

Weight Gain
This could be a sign of hormonal changes. Also, women who are overweight are also likely to experience other symptoms of early menopause. This is because these women already have inconsistencies in their menstrual periods, and seem to experience more sporadic bleeding patterns.

One should always see their doctor and discuss early menopause symptoms, especially if they become bothersome. Hormone therapies are common for women experiencing these, and they can really help. Also, note that if a woman still wishes to have a baby, but has already gone through some premature symptoms of menopause, hormone therapy is available that will help to increase the odds that she can do so. Always ask your doctor, research online, and speak out.

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