Tuesday, June 26

Don't Be Afraid of the Summer Sun

Summer is finally here! That means pool parties, camping, and lots of awesome walks down by the beach. I love being outside so much, but one has to play it safe with the summer sun right? As a porcelain-skinned lady you would always find me in the shade or slathering on loads of sunscreen. Well not anymore! I'm not afraid of skin cancer or freckles. Recently I've learned a lot about the sun, and that our feared skin problems are not the sun's fault. Think about it logically, why would the very thing that energizes us and keeps us alive make us sick and potentially kill us? It wouldn't, we do that to ourselves.

The Healing Power of Sunlight

Watch this. Once again Markus and Cara do an amazing job at explaining this.

It's all about what we put on and in the body that keeps us healthy or slowly makes us ill. The sun does not cause cancer. The things in our daily lives that we expose ourselves to are what make us susceptible to disease. One of which is the very thing sold to "protect" us: Toxic sunscreens. They're full of carcinogens, neurotoxins, developmental and reproductive toxins, allergens, and immunotoxins. Just look up your favorite sunscreen on Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and see what's in it. Not to mentioned that all of the chemicals from the plastic packaging seep into the products as well. They cause cancer, not the sun. We slather that garbage all over us and then go outside and bake it into our skin.

Our diets are also a huge factor. If we're not eating correctly our bodies are weakened and sensitive to the sun. Just like the poisons in sunscreens and other skin cosmetics, the bad foods we eat are just as problematic. The body secretes toxins through the skin when the kidneys are overburdened and then they sit on the skin's surface and cook just like the topically-applied chemicals. Non-organic meat, dairy, sugar, gluten, starchy carbs, and chemical additives are the cause of the problem. On the flipside, watermelon, oranges, carrots, blueberries, apricots, and leafy greens are nature's sunscreen. One should get their protection from plants, because nature knows best.

So don't be afraid of the sun, but be wise about it. One has to clean out their body before attempting to spend time in the sun. Even freckles are caused by too many toxins, such as the foods listed above. Freckles and moles, just like pimples, are a sign that something's wrong inside. Did you know that moles can heal and fall off if one changes their diet? They are fed by bad foods and can only exist in weakened parts of the body. Everything's connected, and everything either works in perfect harmony, or falls apart and becomes diseased.

Ever since my long water fast, I've been sunbathing for 20 minutes (10 minutes on each side) in the sunlight that comes through my baloney and I have only good things to say about it. Getting more sun helps strengthen the immune system, makes one happier, increase energy, strengthens nerves, makes bones more dense, helps heal dry skin, and give the body a wonderful dose of vitamin D. Lastly, I don't see any difference in the color of my fair skin, which is great because I don't wish to change.

So yes, have fun in the sun this summer, but only after internal house cleaning. Be smart until then and stay in the shade, wear clothing that covers the skin, stay indoors during the hours of 12-3pm when the sun is at it's peak, and soon enough sunlight will not be the enemy.

♡ Claudia


  1. Got that covered too lol last week while I was at my mom's recovering, I swam in her pool a lot and suntanned. It helps u to lose weight doesn't it?

  2. Good to hear that you're having fun outdoors. Swimming is awesome exercise, yes. :D


  3. More great knowledge. I love it.

    It's also kinda funny, because before I sat down and read this, I brought with me a plate of raw carrots and string beans. :D
    I love carrots! Been gnawing on them since I was little! I think I just prefer veggies raw. The crunch and taste is just great. I do them enjoy steamed or lightly sauteed too, though.
    What's your favorite vegetable, Claudia? :D

    The notion that Sol was this terrible cancer machine never made much sense to me. Anything in excess can be harmful.
    I definitely need more sunlight. I stay inside far too much. Getting out, even if I don't have anywhere in particular to go, would do me some good. I just wish there was room for my bike here, as it must be kept in storage... :(

    Actually, I think freckles are cute, but if they're a sign of trouble, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing them disappear as a sign of better health.

    Thank you for this, Claudia. <3

    Your druid,

  4. Indeed it is and the sun helps u loss weight doesn't it?

  5. Aaron: Thanks so much! :) That's awesome. Hurray for veggies. Carrots are yummy. I like the cucumber best, raw and with the peals. It has so much water and the seeds are awesome for you too.

    Me either, right?! Yes indeed, the sun is good for druids. :3 Yeah, freckles are cute, but in a way deep down perhaps we know what they are. Would one choose to be rid of them if given a choice? I would. All of the things that we find beautiful in others is health related. Perfect skin, nails, hair, shape, etc.

    Of course! <3

    Matt: Hum, I'm not sure. Exercising outdoors is awesome for that though.


  6. I definitely appreciate it, so all the thanks go to you. <3

    Veggies are awesome. I appreciate every bite they give. Oooh! Cucumbers! I haven't had one in too long! I should get one and slice it up next time I go shopping. So juicy!

    *nods* Yes yes. I have been enjoying the sunlight more. The dryer air helps keep me cool, so that's been highly appreciated, too.
    That explains why I see that, freckles or not, you're a goddess. You take such amazing care of yourself, and it shows. You are incredible, but again, the only word that truly fits you is goddess, so yeah. <3

    Your druid,

  7. Aww! You're too kind. <3
    Yup, definitely. I just had some for lunch today. So good! :D And summer strawberries are the best right now. Only fresh from the farmer's though, they're so perfect in comparison to the ones at the store. Deep red, almost purple, and full of life.

    High-five about the sun! Yeah, it must be beautiful down there this time of year.

    Wow! Again, you are too kind indeed Druid Aaron.

  8. I agree but every summer I do seem to lose a little weight every year.

  9. Oh that's awesome. Perhaps it has to do with perspiration as well. Definitely let me know if you find any research on the topic. I'd be interested. :D

    <3 Claudia

  10. Ok I'll research it and then e-mail u what I found.

  11. Wow! Sure thing, thank you Matt.

  12. Almost purple? Oh wow. I need to have some of those! I feel silly, because there was a farmer's market near where I lived in Pennsylvania, but I hardly ever bought anything from it. :(
    I grilled up some chicken for friends and myself on Tuesday, and just before it was all done, I tossed a bunch of small, whole sweet peppers on for a minute. *drools* So tasty!
    Do you grill much? I understand you prefer vegetables and fruit, which is a good thing, but I was wondering if you had any favorites for over the fire. :D

    *high fives!* It has been pretty nice, especially with the more active skies. Beautiful cloud formations, and it has been cooler, as a result. It is definitely enjoyable. I bet you would love it. *pokes* ;3

    I'd personally love to see more of your area, though. Is it generally like your garden?

    It is simply honesty, m'dear. You have much for which to be admired.

    Druid Aaron

  13. Yesh! They are good.
    Oh wow, that sounds tasty. Yum! He cooks too! :D

    No, not too much. I have a little George Foreman grill, but it doesn't get much love. If I do, always organic meats. I like the usual: chicken, beef, pork, fish, and turkey. Venison is good too. For me it's more about quality and quantity of meat. :) One only needs so little. Summer's the time for grilling. I love the smell I must confess. It reminds me of camping in MI.

    Oh indeed! It sounds wonderful.

    Northern California has something for everyone: Beaches, forests, deserts, mountains, hills, etc. I need to explore more too. :) And of course we can't forget the concrete jungles. The cities are just as fun.

    Awww! Thank you again Aaron for everything. You always make me smile.



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