Tuesday, May 1

Water Fast Day 7

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about fat lose, because I know a lot of people are interested in that. Even though this is not the main goal, it's just a pleasant side effect. Overall I have lost an inch off the smallest part of my waist, but the biggest improvement is right below that. Just below the belly button and around the external obliques is where I notice it the most. The spare tire if you will. Now, I'm a trim girl, so losing that last stubborn inch was awesome. I'm not sure how people with large midsections will react. Of course results will vary, but again, I must stress that water fasting is about healing the inside of the body, weight or fat lose should not be the main reason to do it. Take a look at the picture down below.

Also, I want to talk about refeeding today, because tomorrow I will breaking the fast. It's so important to refeed properly. This means juice, blended juice, and raw organic fruits and veggies. Please do not go out and order a pizza when you're done fasting. That's too much too soon, and why in the world would one put all of that effort into a water fast to just go out and poison oneself again.

Take a look at this video about breaking a water fast:

Woke at 9:45am
I slept like a baby last night. I didn't even wake up once to use the bathroom, and didn't even feel the need to go back to bed after awaking the first time. So I got up and drank my first glass of water. In a way, I'm glad that this is my last day. I'm very much looking forward to refeeding tomorrow and going to the local farmer's market to pick up some fresh produce. It's exciting.   

Monkey pants for the win! Aside from the monkey awesomeness, I'm pleased with my results.

I'm doing great today! Much better than yesterday because I believe that I was doing some serious detoxing. One thing that I wanted to note is that my wrists and forearms feel amazing. That was the number one reason I wanted to fast. They just feel so loose and great, like the stiffness is gone. A little tingly today too. Like the blood is flowing in a way that it hasn't in years, which makes me so very happy.   

I'm so happy right now. To the point that I don't even know how to explain it. Perhaps it's because I know that I'm nearing the end of my fast. I feel like I've accomplished something so wonderful, just like the doctor mentioned in the video. I get my little girl scout badge for water fasting or something.

I got to talk to my sister on the phone which was awesome. So I got to catch up with both sisters now. I'm still doing wonderfully today, I'm on my 4th glass of water and I'm not hungry.

Still doing good, my abs are sore again though. So I guess that I'm still burning the excess fat. I've got my 5th glass of water and am enjoying my evening. It's peaceful out right now.

Wow, the day is almost over. I've just been watching YouTube videos on a variety of things. Also, I'm excited that the day is almost done, because I get to eat again (or I should say drink juice) tomorrow. So I'll probably go to bed early around 10:30ish. That's good, and it will get me in the habit of using my alarm clock again. I will start working tomorrow. I have a video that I need to finish up and post. There are always new and exciting things that I have planned as well. Although, I have a lot of projects that I have to finish up too. So perhaps I'll continue with a few of those.

I'm starting to get sleepy, and that's good. It was a wonderful first water fast, and I consider it to be a huge success. It feels good to have made it. I'm at the end of the tunnel and I have found my light. Goodnight.

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