Friday, May 25

My High Heels Tried to Kill Me

Last week I injured my left foot badly because I wore high heels into the city. The day after, my foot was twice it's size and my toes looks like little red sausages. I had sprained my ring toe pretty severely and the foot is retaining water. So I have been trying to get as much bed rest as possible. For the most part I cannot walk and have been using my office chair to get around the house, in combination with a nice mop stick as a cane. Because of this, I was putting all of my weight on my right leg. Well, it didn't take too long for this to give way as well. My knee, adductor longus, and vastus lateralis are completely shot, so I'm going to miss Fanime this year. I sure am a sad rabbit, but I have to be responsible about this. I was looking forward to seeing everyone this year, but alas, we will have to wait a little longer. I hope that everyone has a blast, and rock it for me! This would have been my 5th year in a row.

I'll be away for a little while. Messages will be unread, blogs will stop for the time being, 
and my creative projects are on hold until I get well again. 



  1. I commented on dA already, but I'm just pretty worried. I still wish I could be of help, but I know you'll get well soon. I just hope things aren't too bothersome for you as you rest up.

    I'll be here if you happen to need anything, but until then, I'll be waiting to hear from you and know that you're feeling better. <3

  2. Thank you again everyone! <3 I'm doing much better. I'll be back to normal soon.



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