Wednesday, May 16

Heal Yourself 101 - A Book That Will Change Your Life

It took me awhile to finish reading Heal Yourself 101 by Markus Rothkranz because I wanted to take in every sentence. I can confidentially say that this book has already changed my life in so many ways. I feel so strongly about this that it feels like a new chapter in my life. It's also the reason that I started cleaning up my diet three months ago, and it was also the final straw that got me to water fast.

The book talks about everything that's important for maintaining, healing, and reverting back to a happy healthy life. It discuses food, exercise, sleep, love, stress, freedom, and how to heal and reverse disease and old age. It changed me for the better and I am forever grateful to Markus. I truly feel light, balanced, and like I'm me again. It's been six long years since I've felt this way, like I have my life back completely.

Also I had a powerful dream last night which frightened me. I woke in a frenzy, but after analyzing and researching it properly, I concluded that it was about growth. Sometimes it's hard and frightening to move forward, but for the best. I'm excited where life will take me and I'm ready. I'm not unsure or afraid any longer. So it's peculiar that I had that dream right before writing this post.

Read this book. Buy it here, or borrow it from a friend or the library. Just do it! 
It's amazing and everyone out there can benefit from it in some way.

"The definitive book on self-healing and true health. This is one of the most practical step-by-step manuals ever written to totally transform your life from sickness and disease to total life-long health. This is nothing short of reclaiming the sexy youth we once had. Never get sick again. Ever. True healing doesn't cost anything. You do this in your own home, using live RAW FOODS, easy detoxing, sunlight, sexuality, movement, sleep, and all natural methods. Feel the passion again. This is true transformation. Right to the point and so easy to understand, a six year old can read this." - Amazon

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.