Wednesday, May 2

Breaking My Water Fast and Refeeding

Today is the day my friends. I get to eat and use cosmetics again. The fast is over. I can finally say that I have completed it, lived it, and have learned from it. This is not going to be my last water fast, I will continue to do many more in the future. Twice a year is good for fasts this length. One in the spring and one right before autumn when the weather is still warm. Depending on how I feel, I'll do 5-7 days again. Other than that, I also want to do monthly one day fasts as a way to get stronger and stay fit.

Now remember after each fast one must refeed properly. It's always half the time of the fast. So because I went seven days, I shall refeed for at least 4 days. I'm going to do longer though because I'm feeling good about it, but half is just the minimum. Also, I'm going to take it slow with cosmetics usage. A lot of my products have so much crap in them, so this was an eyeopener for me to be more responsible about the stuff I put on my skin, because it soaks straight into the bloodstream.  

Here's what I plan on drinking throughout the day.

The first day of refeeding should consist of juices. Watered down juices I might add. 50% water, 25% veggies/herbs, and 25% fruit. If you don't own a juicer, you can buy fresh raw juices from the local farmer's market, or use your blender and then sift the juice through a fine mesh strainer. So my juice for the day is water, apple, watermelon, spinach, and a tiny dash of cinnamon to help the body digest the fruit sugars better. I will make 44oz. of fresh juice and drink 6-8oz. at a time throughout the day.

Take a look at my refeeding schedule:

1st Day - 50% water, 50% veggie, herbs, and fruit juices
2nd Day - 25% water,75% veggies, herbs, and fruits juices
3rd Day - 10% water, 90% veggies, herbs, and fruits juices
4th - 10th Day - Switch to blended juices with fiber, any fresh produce is fine
11th - 17th Day - Start eating raw whole veggies, herbs, fruits, and soaked nuts/seeds
18th Day - Can eat whatever, but keep good habits in mind

So there you have it. One thing I did want to share is that water fasting neurologically changes the brain. Usually if one tried to kick a bad food addition without water fasting it would take two weeks for the brain to stop being addicted to sugar, three weeks for salt, and a whole three months for fat. With the last one, fat, the brain produces chemicals that tells you that you're going to die because of fat lose. So we feel miserable, feed the addition, and keep eating cheeseburgers.

What's incredible is that the brain can switch all of these off during a moderately long water fast. So when one gets off the fast, the bland salads, boring juices, and yucky blended juices that were so hard to choke down are absolutely amazing. One respects the subtle flavors and textures of fresh foods in a way that they haven't in years. Then all of the garbage foods become too overpowering and almost gross. Isn't that wonderful! And let me tell you, the juice that I just had is the best thing I have ever had in my life! I'm so sensitive to all it has to offer. It makes me feel alive.

Lastly, here's a recap of all of the things that have improved for me over the course of my fast:

- My wrists and arms feel great. I'm so excited because this was my main priority. The blood is flowing and I can feel how wonderful it is.

- I had a rash on the back of my neck caused by my hair dye. It's almost all gone now, and needless to say, I won't be repurchasing that dye.

- My acne dried up from my previous breakout caused by my poor judgement to eat Thai food.

- The spider vein on my leg is almost gone. This is so remarkable because it's been like that forever it seems. 

- My tummy, arms, and legs are looking better because I lost some excess fat in those areas. It's time to hit up the pool! Bikini here I come.

- The cyst on my wrist is the smallest it's been in years. This was such a nice surprise and makes me happy.

- The milia on my face is totally gone. I had about a dozen tiny specks on my cheeks and they've completely disappeared. That's incredible, because I typically have to wait months for them to go away naturally.

- My teeth and tongue are so clean! I don't have any of the typical daily buildup of plaque from bad foods.

- My sense of smell is amazingly sensitive now. When I was cutting up my fresh watermelon this morning I barely cut into it and the smell was so intense.

- I have loads of energy and I feel like a new girl. A happier, healthier, lighter, wiser Claudia. 

So yup, this is just the beginning and I'm excited to see more results in the future. Water fasting is a part of my life now. It's like housecleaning of the body, and I had years to clean out this time around. Perhaps even deeper healing will occur in the future, because this one just scratched the surface.

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