Thursday, May 10

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories for the Win!

Recently I got a free Kohl's $10-off coupon in the mail. Whenever this happens I see it as an opportunity to spruce up my home in some little way. I only buy if I'm absolutely in love with something and it improves my home in some way that no other item could. My decor is a unique extension of myself and reflects my artistic preferences. The home is a work of art, never completed, always in flux. So without anything specific in mind I went on over to my local store to see what they had.

Modern Minimalist Waste Bin and Soap Dish
All for $8.70 - Saved $28.00 after Sale and Coupon

Sure enough, they had something perfect for me. This set of bamboo bathroom accessories was just the thing for my home. They're absolutely beautiful from a design standpoint. I love the way that they're shaped, organic and curved, but with a sleek modern finish. The perfect marriage of earth and technology. Yes, I put this much thought into decorating.

Also, the fact that this is bamboo makes me incredibly happy. That was the frosting on the cake. Bamboo is an annual renewable resource, reduces CO emissions, and is biodegradable. I like supporting a brand or company that cares about the environment. Not to mention that the soap has to sit in the dish, so I'm glad that it's made out of bamboo and not some harmful material that could leach chemicals into it because it's wet. I use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap from Trader Joe's, so I care what goes into that soap. That, and bar soap looks so elegant, like a hotel or spa. I've always preferred it in the bathroom.

Love Claudia xx

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