Monday, May 7

The Avengers Rocks!

Oh my! So I saw The Avengers last Friday first thing in the morning and it was brilliant. I enjoyed it a lot and it was a great way to start off the summer blockbuster season. For some reason or another I didn't go to a lot of movies last year. Perhaps it was because of ticket prices. It was $8 for a matinee. I just can't treat myself to that too often, so I pick films that I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy. Which The Avengers did not disappoint. It was a solid film, especially for a super hero film. This is probably because of Joss Whedon's involvement. I just adore him, and his writing is wonderful. The dialogue in this film is so fun, and it feels very human.

Also, because I just watched Thor (which was intentional) I had that franchise still on the brain. I love Thor and Loki. They're my favorite characters from this film as well because of their awesome accents, fantastic origin, and amazing hair. One small tiny artistic thing though, was that I preferred the the light blonde eyebrows and beard on Thor from his previous film in comparison to the darker facial hair in this one. Just because the golden hair made him look more god-like.

I was happy that Cobie Smulders is in the film as well. I was cheering her on, because Robin is one of my favorite characters in How I Met Your Mother, but unfortunately her acting was a little stiff. I still love her though, but I was hoping for her to do a bit better. 

So yup, go see this film if you're into this type of movie. The CG is amazing, the costumes are fun, it's a good story, and has a memorable script. I never want to spoil films for others, so I don't want to say too much more than that.

Cheers and happy movie watching.

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