Tuesday, May 15

100% Pure Haul - Foundation, Shampoo, and Body Cream

Heehee! I love that buying two items is considered a "haul" to me. I just don't buy stuff, so this was a lot. My water fast made me think about all of the bad cosmetic products that I put on my skin. I do really good already, but I wanted to take it to the next level and replace some of my products.

The basic concept is if you can't eat it, it shouldn't go on your skin. Toxic products are just as bad if not worst than bad foods, because it soaks straight into the bloodstream after being applied to the skin. So surprisingly enough, these 100% Pure products contain ingredients that could potentially be eaten! I won't try, so no worries, but they're all made from fruits, veggies, flowers, and herbs. 

The first one is the Honey Coconut Milk Shampoo. Shampoo is the only beauty product that is good to switch up all the time. That's coming straight from a dermatologist. So I want to alternate this with my Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo, because this shampoo is good but not great. It still has some ingredients in it that I do not like, but it's twice the amount for half the price. The Honey Coconut Milk Shampoo on the other hand smells like a tropical Caribbean vacation and is great for my hair type too; which is chemically treated and dry because I use hair dye. That's one of my bad habits that I haven't worked out yet.

Then we have the Healthy Skin Foundation with Super Fruits and SPF 20, which is full coverage and a satin finish. It's a little expensive, but not as pricey as the Laura Mercier foundation I was wearing. Also, I'm glad that I used all of my other foundations up completely, so it feels good to turn over a new leaf. One thing that had me concerned is that there are only seven shades and I'm very picky with color matching. Surprisingly this wasn't an issue for me. The lightest shade Créme is the perfect color match for me and I'm very pleased. It's not heavy at all and blends beautifully. I just use my finger to warm and pat the product into skin where I need extra coverage. One thing about water fasting and eating correctly is that I do not break out anymore. So I've been loving my new skin, it's beautiful, and it's not even as dry as usual either. Everything just balances out and I feel wonderful, like I'm me again. 

The makeup's also made with antioxidant from the super fruits, vitamins, and nutrients that help nourish and protect skin. It's SPF 20 with both UVA and UVB, which is wonderful because this means that it has broad spectrum protection from not only the rays that burn skin but also that age skin.

Lastly, the kind saleslady informed me that even the printing on the packaging is made with rice dyes instead of using adhesive to attach an extra paper label. How cool is that! So indeed, I will support a brand that goes that far to keep waste down and I'll definitely continue to replace more of my products down the line with 100% Pure. I also have a cool card that gives me a nice 15% off of each purchase that I make, and of course we can't forget about free body creme samples every time one visits the store. It really is a great brand and I absolutely love it.


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