Monday, April 30

Water Fast Day 6

 "Fasting is not a cure. It is a process that may facilitate the body's own healing mechanisms. It is a gift to an overburdened body. It can be extremely effective at creating an internal environment where the body can do what it does best - cleanse and heal itself." - TrueNorth Health

So I wanted to share something amazing with you all today, because I'm totally shocked about it as well. Unfortunately, I've had a pesky spider vein on my outer upper thigh since high school. It's always been a pinkish purple color and is right where the leg meets the end of a chair. No coincidence right, because it's from all the sitting that I do. Creating art, video games, computer usage, classes, etc. which I'm sure have all been hard on that little vein. I would never ever considered having surgery to get it removed because a family member once told me that her friend went in to get some spider veins removed for health and cosmetic reasons, and eventually the doctors had to amputate her leg because they messed up so badly and she didn't react well to the surgery. That is terribly sad. Always heal, never cut away, that's my philosophy.

So I started getting acupuncture done on it, which helped quite a bit, but it was something that took several treatments and the vein would always return to it's normal dark color after awhile. Supposedly if one has enough acupuncture treatments on the vein it will heal itself and get use to pumping fresh clean blood. That's why it's important to get all of the stagnate blood out so that the vein can continue working properly.

Well, I noticed when I was bathing that my vein is healing. No joke! I'm so surprised by this and didn't even think that water fasting would help it. It's a soft light pink now, no purple at all and it's barely visible. That is amazing! I only wish I did this before wearing all of my shorts at Disney World. I could have saved a lot of concealer. So check out the picture below. I'm incredibly happy about this. Go water!

Here's the video for the day: why wheat is so bad, and the difference between fasting and starving

Woke at 9:00am
I didn't sleep well last night, because I couldn't turn off the brain. It had nothing to do with fasting, I just had so many creative things to think about that it kept me up. It's funny how I wanted this time to rest and relax, but at the same time I'm thinking about all of the things I could be working on like artwork and YouTube. Oh well, I'll have a chance to continue with those soon. So I woke up and didn't feel like I needed more sleep. I brushed my teeth, went downstairs, grabbed my first glass of water for the day and went to meditate in the sunlight. After that, I finished reading AAU's new A/Journal, and got my second glass of water for the day. I'm still not hungry, and surprisingly I'm not having cravings anymore either. Everything's going great.

Ooh la la! My vein, right next to the freckle, is almost invisible.

I'm doing good, but still a bit sleepy. I'm enjoying my second glass of water and just relaxing today. I plan on catching up on reading and maybe more phone calls to my family.

I'm having an awesome day. I'm on my 3rd glass of water, have been answering online messages, and have been watching and reading the articles on Eliina shared this with me, and I've been loving it. Learning more about meditation inspires me to keep going with it. So far it's been great for me, even though it's only been a few weeks. Love it!

Still doing good! I'm drinking my 4th glass of water, and just got out of the bath. I love baths; they're nice because it's a time to reflect and relax. I tried to meditate again, and I didn't do too bad. So now I'm going to call my mom and have an awesome long conversation.

I'm enjoying my day, but it was a bummer that I couldn't get a hold of my mom. I'll have to try again some other time. Anyway! I'm enjoying my 5th glass of water and I'm going to watch some more water fasting videos on YouTube. It's always nice to learn more about it.

I'm doing okay now, my abs are sore again though. Water fast workout! So this night might be a more relaxed night for me. The couch has my name on it and I'm going to watch Thor.

Thor was good, good enough anyway. I'm a little bored of superhero movies, but I was curious nonetheless. I watch all of Natalie Portman's work, so that was the main reason. Also, Thor looks like Basch fon Ronsenburg which is awesome! Okay then, after my last glass of water, I'm off to bed. Night.

Read more about my fast:

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