Sunday, April 29

Water Fast Day 5

Day 5, wow, it seems like time has flown. Everything is going great so far. I'm not really hungry, so that's good, and means that I don't have to break the fast. The first signs of true hunger during ketosis means that I'm ready to eat again and it's time to break the fast. Also, I've noticed how amazing my sense of smell is. I can pick up the faintest smell of food. Even watching movie made me realize how food is everywhere, it's all around us. All of these terrible queues to eat poorly. It fascinates me, because before, I wouldn't even notice, but every time I see food I just can't concentrate on anything else. These are all cravings of course, not hunger.

Another thing I want to mention today is that I noticed the cyst on the top of my left wrist is the smallest it's ever been. Check it out in the picture down below. I've had this little bugger ever since early high school. A weight machine feel on my wrist, and I developed a cyst. Not knowing any better I had two surgeries to try to remove it, but it came back both times just as large. This is the one and only time I will ever let a doctor cut me open. Never again, because it did nothing except leave me with a scar. It's faded now, but I can still see it and it's a reminded that nothing is worth surgery, good or bad. I now know that there are better ways of dealing with it. Natural ways that help just the same.

Over the years the cyst would grow and shrink based on the dairy that I was consuming, because it's mucus forming, or overexerting the wrist. Which will cause the body to try to strengthen the joint with the cyst. Acupuncture helps a great deal too. When I noticed it growing because of working too much, I would go in to have it poked, and it would shrink down again. It would take several appointments though. So I never thought in my wildest dreams that water fasting would help this. I should have known though, because when fasting the body feeds off of all of the bad diseased tissue.

Also, this video is super cool. It talks about juice fasting and why it won't produce the same results as water fasting. Take a look.

The differences between a juice and water fasting:

Woke at 8:00am
Haha. I woke up, went to the bathroom, and plopped down in bed to sleep some more. I didn't wake until 10am.

Hey look Mom, I'm a contortionist! Jokes aside, the cyst on the left wrist is barely noticeable.

So I got up for real this time, drank my two glasses of water, and I notice that today is not as bad as yesterday morning. It seems like I can function a bit more properly. So that must be my body fueling itself off of fat. By the way, my torso looks amazing, even though it's a little sore like I had a workout of something. After just one day of ketosis, I can't pinch as much belly fat as I could before. I just went to Disney World and ate like mad, so I put on a half inch that's totally gone now. 

I'm doing well. I'm not hungry, but I feel a slight pressure in my head. I'm sure it's just a little detoxification going on. Another thing that's surprising to me in how light I feel. My chest is strong, like I can breathe better. My pulse is steady and beautiful today, so yup, it's a good day.

Wow, how time flies when I'm talking to my sister on the phone. We had a great conversation about everything under the sun. I'm doing really well right now.

Still talking one the phone and doing good! I'm on my 5th glass of water for the day and am still not hungry.

I'm doing good with the exception of a slight headache and aching legs, but it's getting late, so this time of night seems to be more challenging. I'm having my 6th glass of water and after I'm done I'm going to bathe again because I still smell awful and soaking my legs would feel nice. I can't wait to smell normal again. It's so weird and I'm not use to it.

Still doing great, and the bath was nice. I think it's inevitable to be smelly though. My body is just getting rid of so much garbage. So yup, it's bedtime for me soon. I'll get one more glass of water and relax before I sleep. Goodnight everyone, and pleasant dreams.

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  1. There is a guy who did a Beer Fast for 46 days. You can read his journey here crazy guy... bug i guess monks use to do this all the time during lent.

  2. Oh wow, I've never heard of anything like that before. I'm surprised that someone could drink that much alcohol and not get sick from it.

  3. Hey Claudia its me Bobby aka s3v3nt33n.
    Ive been following your journey on fasting and decided yesterday to fast for 3 days or maybe the whole week and I cheated. My grandma bought home Mcdonalds 20 nuggets and a medium fry and i ate it all and now i feel guilty lol. its funny because i didnt eat anything at all today until 8:00pm ughh so mad lol, i find it interesting that i felt better when i wasnt eating, the moment after eating the nuggets i feel sick haha i guess ill start tomorrow.

  4. Oh no hun, I'm sure the fast food was yummy, but it's ideal to break the fast properly with juice, then fresh raw organic fruits and veggies. It a re-feeding process that one has to take slowly. Are you doing okay? It sounds like you only went a few hours though. Is that correct?

    If you start again, it's best to juice for a day or two before going in. Do you have a blender or a juicer?


  5. Yeah, we have juicer! just no fruit haha, I'm also doing fine after breaking my little fast. I didn't really feel drowsy just tired, that because i don't get any rest, usually wake up around 5 or 6ish, so I guess you can say I fasted for about 15/16 hours. But I think I'm gonna wait till this semester of school is done and then start only 2 weeks left.

  6. It just sucks that my whole family loves junk food. My Hawaiian and black culture/ethnicity, feasting is huge thing in my family, especially on get togethers, there is nothing but junk food. So its hard to eat healthy when nobody really puts the effort in trying to eat healthy. Also like to juice i love combining the fruits haha

  7. Hi there Bobby,

    Oh wonderful! Then it sounds like you need to go get some fruit, veggies, and herbs. Recently before the fast, I was using apple, orange, spinach, celery, cucumber, mushroom, dandelion, ginger root, cinnamon, and turmeric. Which are all in season now. At least in California.

    Good, I'm glad to hear that you're doing fine, because it needs to be done properly. Good, yes, pick a relaxing time that you can stay in and rest. In bed or on the couch is great. Activity will not make the fast as affective. Also, I don't recommend anything longer then 5-7 days at home. One should check themselves into a water fasting facility for longer fasts.

    Of course we all love junk food. If one has too much it's a neurological issue with the brain telling you it needs more. It's an addition just like alcohol or drugs.

    Indeed, feasting is quite social, but you can be the small ripple that effects your family in a good way. They will see you doing well, and follow because you're a good example. The same thing happened to me with my family. I teach them and they see me improving and want to do better themselves. Love and encouragement is the best way.

    I wish you the best, do plenty of research and start off nice and slowly. :)



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