Saturday, April 28

Water Fast Day 4

I'm so excited about today, because this is the first day my body goes into full ketosis. This means that the body is starting to fuel itself off of fat instead of using glucose. That means bye-bye cellulite and belly fat. Oh yes. I don't have too much to burn, but it's definitely enough for short fasts. Again, an average to thin person can do 21 day on water, no more. So it's super important that I rest today. Even moderate exercise/movement can detract from it.

Going into ketosis even helps to rid the body of bad muscle tissue, like water retention within the muscles. That way when one gets off the water fast, better more pure muscle mass can be built up. I'm excited about that, because that's sexy! I'm all for quality tissue. Also, the body will rid itself of and burn any cells and tissues which are damaged, diseased, aging, or dead. Therefore new healthy cells grow faster to replace them. It doesn't get any better than that.

Dr. Alan Goldhamer talks more about the benefits of water fasting:

Woke at 8:05am
I woke naturally again today, and tried to get up because I didn't feel as bad at first. But as soon as I got downstairs to get my water I felt the nausea start creeping up again. So I took my water and sat in the sun that was pouring through the window and got my 10 minutes of sunlight for the day. After that I laid down on the couch for another hour or so.

I'm staying here most of the day. I'll wrap myself up in the furry blanket and chillax.

Ugg. Still holding in there. This is my roughest time of the day. I don't feel hungry, but I feel a little nauseated still. I'm smelly too! I'm so surprised by how bad I smell, because I haven't smelled in years, both bad breath and body odor. I know it's gross, but it's a good thing. It's just crazy how the body secretes all of the buildup garbage through the pores. So I've been going through clothing like mad, and I'm going to get in the shower again. With just water of course.

Ahh! That shower was nice. One thing I have noticed is that my skin is doing well. Earlier this week when I went out and had Thai food, I broke out like mad the next day. I should have known too, because Thai food, as yummy as it is, always does that to my skin. It's because of the hot spices, oil, dairy, and peanuts. My body just hates me for it. Although, after the shower I notice how much has healed already. My complexion is nice again and my skin is soft, with the exception of some dark scars that take a few weeks to heal.

By the way, I'm chatting live of Deviant Art if anyone out there wants to join me. Here's the link. Feel free to drop in and say hi.

Still chatting on DA and doing good. I'm on my 5th glass of water. Also, I noticed my abs getting sore, I wonder if the fat burning has begun!

I'm doing great and on my 6th glass of water. Chatting on DA is sure keeping my mind off of the fast. It's nice to just sit and relax. Also, I'm not hungry right now.

One thing that I find fascinating is that I'm not hungry, but I'm just craving food. Purely because of addiction. Oh! And last night I dreamt about ice cream, but I didn't get to eat it in the dream. So maybe that was a good sign. Also, I started playing Final Fantasy VI. I started last night and I'm about 50 minutes in. It was good so far, but I want to take it slowly because of my energy levels.

So it's the end of a good day, and I'm quite happy overall how this one went. Surprisingly I'm not weary, dizzy, or hungry. Ketosis sure is a beautiful thing. I have also read that if I get hungry again, truly hungry not cravings, that it's time to break the fast even if I don't make it to the seventh day. I'm hoping that I'll be good though and it will be a very successful first fast. Night Night.

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