Friday, April 27

Water Fast Day 3

I'm definitely struggling more with this day than yesterday, which is interesting because I guess everyone reacts differently during the days. According to my reading, yesterday was suppose to be more problematic, but today is worse for me for sure. I'm doing alright though. One thing I did want to point out is that the begin of the day, right before one gets their first glass of water and the end of the day when all of the hunger cravings kick into full gear are the worst times.

For some inspiration, here's an amazing video about how water fasting helped this woman:

Woke at 8:15am
Today was a rough start. Just like the other nights, I slept well with the exception of getting up to use the bathroom all the time. For the most part I fell asleep fast, so it was a good nights sleep. Waking up was the problem. I felt dizzy, almost numb, and hot. So I brushed my teeth, which have been extremely clean and glossy by the way, and tried to get up but I couldn't. So I went back to bed and fell asleep for a few more hours.

It's a wonderful day.

I naturally awoke, and tried to get up again, despite how crappy I felt. I brushed my teeth again and went down stairs to have my two glasses of water. I started to feel better after that. It's a beautiful day here in Northern California, so I'm probably going to go outside later to soak in some sun for about 10 minutes and get my daily vitamin D. I want to start getting a little more sun, again 10 minutes a day is all one needs, because my massage therapist told me that my dry skin could be from a lack of vitamin D. Which makes sense to me because I'm a vampire, and I always have dry skin. With the exception of being down in Florida recently, my skin was awesome and well behaved, so being in the humidity and the sunlight was probably a good thing. Not too much sun, but I shouldn't be afraid of it either.

Doing way better now. I'm not really hungry, I'm just kinda tingly allover. Like a weird numbness, maybe the blood is starting to flow better. I'm partaking in my 4th glass of water and just finished watching a bunch of game play videos on Dragon's Dogma. That game looks badass, and I might want to pick it up. So that made me happy to be excited about a game. It's been so long it seems.

I'm okay, I just got back from a very short walk outside. I mostly just sat down on a rock and soaked up a bit of sunlight in the garden. It was nice. Also, it's time for another glass of water.

Still doing good. I'm not too hungry, but it's still the middle of the day. I'm sure it will get harder at night again. I'm also noticing some light pain in the left elbow. I hope that it's starting to heal up.

So I'm noticing that I'm sore everywhere and cold. I have a sore right ankle, left arm, tummy, neck, lower back, and both legs. It's like I got hit by a ton of bricks. So it might be couch time again.  

I'm doing okay now. Resting helped, but I'm going to stay on the couch for the rest of the night and then just go to bed. Tomorrow ketosis starts and I'm excited about that because that's when the fat and toxins really start melting away. Goodnight, talk to everyone tomorrow.

Read more about my fast:

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