Thursday, April 19

Is Using Bamboo Flatware Better for Your Health?

Recently I was shocked to find that using metal flatware is problematic. Aluminum cause Alzheimer's disease, silver is extremely toxic, and stainless steal leaves poisonous metals behind, like nickel, every time you stick those suckers in your mouth. WTF right? I don't understand how I didn't hear about this sooner and how can the people that manufacturer these things sleep at night knowing that their products are causing others harm in someway? It boggles the mind. This especially affects individuals like myself that live on a relatively clean diet and good lifestyle habits in general, because we are more prone to heavy metal poisoning.

The same can be said for cookware and buying foods packaged in metal. Like mentioned in the "Stress and Winkle Tea" post, it's best to cook in glass because of similar issues. Then we have the metal food packaging problem, which is more commonly known, and most individuals have read about heavy metals leaking into your foods that way. Not to mention the fact that some cans have BPA lining. Yum! "Hey family have some BPA with your dinner tonight, it's to die for." Oh my goodness, no thanks.

So I found myself ranting to beloved Carin while we were on vacation at Disney World (of all places) about this matter and when I got home I found a package waiting for me. She had bought me a bamboo flatware set from as a gift. How cool! I'm so grateful and have been using them ever since.

Bamboo Studio Bamboo Flatware - $3.85

So yup, I totally love them, and the best things about it is that I'm not poisoning myself anymore. Hurray! They're 100% biodegradable, organic certification pending, and are reusable. It took a bit of getting use to though, because they are weaker than metal and therefore a little flimsy. After while you get the hang of it and know what type of pressure can be applied when using them. Also, I'm super lazy and have been throwing a few of them in the dishwasher to see what happens despite the warning to hand wash them. They are all fine, and I'm aware that hand washing will help prolong them, because they may crack over time in the dishwasher, but I'm not concerned. I do this with my large wooden spoons as well, and I've had them for 10+ years.

Also, bamboo is amazing. According to the flatware box: "Bamboo is one of the world's best sustainable resources. It can grow up to a meter or more a day and matures in 4 to 5 years. Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees, making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air. By encouraging the growth and utilization of bamboo, we can begin to limit the negative impact we have on our environment." 

That sounds like a winner to me, and of course let me know your thoughts about this matter. 
Does anyone else use bamboo flatware? 

Love Claudia xx