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I'll Be Water Fasting for 7 Days

Water fasting is one of those amazing things that I learned about recently within the past few mouths, and ever since then I knew I had to incorporate it into my lifestyle. I have been doing a ton of research to education myself about the benefits of water fasting and have decided to do my first one starting tomorrow. I also talked to my massage therapist and he, like others as well, have said to save it until this time of year when the weather is warmer because it's less taxing on the body and is more relaxing, unlike the cold winter months would be. Most people fast twice a year because of this, once in the warm springtime and once again before the weather gets too cold in early autumn. Think of if like housecleaning the body.

A little bit about water fasting:

So first things first, water fasting is a safe and effective way to heal oneself. It gives the body a break from digestion, and if one is eating a poor diet it also provides a break from all of the terrible foods as well. It's a way for a person to clean out years of toxins by simply drinking water to wash the cells clean. Personally I don't have any major health issues, I don't take medications or supplements, and have been living a balanced lifestyle consisting of proper diet and exercise for years now. So check with your doctor first if you're interested in more, or have any concerns.

Watch this video and hear it from a Doctor:


A big thanks goes out to Dan McDonald and the people over at TrueNorth Health Center for educating
others about the power and effectiveness of water fasting. It truly does promote a healthy lifestyle.

How to water fast:

It may sound as simple as just drinking 7-10 glasses of water a day, but there are a few things to note before getting started. First off, do your own research about fasting. There are loads of good books, videos, and websites containing information about it. Some of which I'll discuss in future posts, because I'll be documenting the process here online. It's also important to slowly ween oneself off of solid foods before starting. I have a friend that does 20+ days on water at home (so I'm not concerned with my seven days) who informed me that it is best to do a few days on juice before starting on water. So, that I have: The last two days I had blended smoothies all day, followed by just juice (sans the fiber from blending). That way my body is slowly getting ready mentally and physically for the week ahead.

Some people prefer to use distilled water, because it's considered the most pure. That's not necessary though, so I will be drinking purified filtered water. Perhaps that's something that I will do in the future, but just try to get your hands on the best water that you can find. Note that this means only water for showering or cosmetic purposes as well. No soaps, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste (if you're not eating anything this is not a big deal, because most tooth decay is caused by junk food anyway), perfume, etc. can be used. It's only water, inside and out. 

Also it's important to set aside some time for bed rest. It is most ideal to relax and spend your time laying and being mindful about the experience. Strenuous activity is not recommended, and rest is crucial. According to True North Health Center, "Rest must be encouraged since even moderate activity can significantly increase the metabolism, altering optimum adaptation to the fasting state." So yup, I'm staying in bed or on the couch for most of my days.

Benefits of water fasting:

Aside from cosmetic reasons, like weight loss and clearing up the skin over time, water fasting can help internally as well. Some of which are, but not limited to, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, lowing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, joint pain, eczema, allergies, helping with future digestion, increases the metabolism, and decrease or eliminates headaches. It's basically a natural cure all! But again, if you are ill you must check into a proper facility or get examined first to know if fasting is right for you.

Water fasting is also a mindful and mental way to relax and bring balance back to one's life. In this modern world people are overworked and stressed to the point were we can all use a good reboot, myself included. A lot of great teachers and health educators over time have talked about all of these amazing benefits, and mentally they are just as important as the psychical.

My personal goals:

The main reason I'm doing this is to rid my body of all the garbage that I put into it over the years which stays in the cells even after all of this time. I didn't start cleaning out, eating right, and exercising regularly until around the beginning of 2008. So that's years of waste and toxins that I'm sure are still there and affecting me. That, and all of the cosmetic products that I have used over the years I'm sure are lingering around still. I will start doing better with that as well.

The issues that I've had with my arms and wrists because of art, computer usage, and video games is another huge reason. I'm confident that this will help. Maybe not this first fast, because I have read that the joints take way longer to reach and clean out, but I'm sure it will be a good start.

I've heard good things about the senses improving, like sight, and hearing. That would be a cool plus. Again, I would have to continue more in the future to reap benefits like that from longer fasts.

Getting rid any excess fat is good. Also, aiding the growth of healthy muscle tissue because of the water. Only bad stuff disappears from fasting if done properly. "Bodybuilders who fast one day a week actually gain more muscle mass faster because the body is cleaner and more efficient." - Markus Rothkranz.

Helping with blood flow and circulation. Again, I sit a lot because of painting and my legs hate me at times. So I hope that this will help too.

Mentally I feel overworked, and I have been really looking forward to doing NOTHING. This will be the first time in my life and I am so ready for it.

I've also read that fasting helps increase the growth hormone because of all the water (I believe the doctor mentions this too at the end of the video above) which would be great. I'm all for that.

Lastly, there have been countless studies suggesting that people that eat less live longer healthier lives than people that don't. Most of the diseases of the modern world are from excess, not deficiency. Of course I want that, so here I come water!

There you have it. I plan on posting daily about my experience. Wish me luck, those first 
three days will be the most challenging. Also, if you've fasted before please feel free 
to comment below and share your stories. I would love to hear from you all.

Read more about my fast:
♡ Claudia

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