Tuesday, April 24

Cherry Blossom Festival 2012

This weekend was a crazy one for me. In a good way of course, but very busy. Just like the Chinese New Year Parade, things did not go according to plan for this event either. I was extremely late waking up on Sunday because on Saturday my friends and I were playing Heroscape until 2:30 in the morning. Mind you we started our game at 6pm ish, so it took us about seven hours to finish after subtracting the one hour dinner break. It was worth it though, and oh so much fun. But because of it, I decided to get my sleep and just leave as soon as I could. When I got downtown it was already passed 1pm so I knew that I was missing the parade. I figured that was okay and I just took my time and enjoyed the walk over to Post. St. 

Another thing that was super cool is that it was Earth Day as well, and there was another celebration for that going on at the Civic Center Plaza. How wonderful! It was my type of crowd and there were interesting guest speakers, cool art, good music, huge solar panels energizing the displays, organic food, etc. Perhaps I'll have to spend some more time there next year. See what neat things one discovers if they slow down a bit and just go with the flow. But alas, I could hear the parade drums sounding, so that reminded me that I best continue on with my journey.

Eventually, I got up to Post St. and saw the the parade was already ending. I was right behind it, so if I wanted to see even a little of it, I had to continue walking along with it. Unfortunately the closer I got to Japantown the crazier the crowds got, to the point where I just couldn't see anything anymore so I gave up. Oh well, it's something to do for next year, right? 

After that, I got some yummy free samples of SoyJoy (which I called lunch), wandered around the mall a bit, and headed over to the main stage to watch the cosplay awards show. It was a lot of fun, and I stayed for the singing and dancing as well, but that was all I had time for because I was on way to to hang out for dinner with an awesome friend. Which was just as fantastic! Love it!

Here are some photos of the festival as promised:

Beautiful City Hall

A Taiko Performance in the Plaza

Hurray for More Drums

The Queen and Her Court

Dancing in the Parade

I Really Have No Idea

A Beautiful Day in JTown

My Lunch

Oh My Cuteness!

Zodiac Train

4th Place Cosplay Winners

3rd Place Cosplay Winners

1st-2nd Place Cosplay Winners

It was good fun and I'll definitely have to make this an annual thing.