Thursday, March 8

Had a Blast at the LucasArts Party

Yesterday was loads of fun! I spent the day with my amazing friends, had dinner at an awesome Indian food restaurant called Little Delhi which worth the diet cheating, and then headed out to the GDC LucasArts Party in the evening. It was everything I could have hoped for. A good crowd, wonderful music, lots of awesome Star Wars drinks (I had a "Darth Maul" and a "Brain-tail"), and of course staff with light sabers, and characters from the films. Not bad at all.

Here's some pics:

Standing in line on Ellis St. to get into the party.

Boba Fett was kind enough not to shoot me.

Waiting at the bar to get a drink.

Yummy Brain-tails served by Otto. He was awesome, and very friendly to me. 

 The drinks set on fire. See the flame?

Twi'lek dancers. Love them! My pictures together with them sadly didn't turn out.

It was good fun. Thanks for the memories LucasArts.
♡ Claudia