Tuesday, March 20

H&M Spring Collection

So sadly a my khaki pants bit the dust after 12 years. I loved them, and if it wasn't for the small holes in stressed areas I wouldn't have to replaced them. I'm pretty hardcore about not buying things unless I need or am completely in love with them. 12 years! Now that's how it's done. I love fashion very much and I've learned over the years that one can stay on trend, but true to themselves (because I'm a big believer in having signature pieces), and eco-friendly by "shopping your closet." Especially like older pieces from the 50-90's which are now considered vintage classics. I can't count the number of times I've thought, "Oh damn, I wish I still had that." Fashion doesn't have to be about going shopping every other month. Not at all, it's totally possible to achieve this with what one already owns and keep minimalistic values intact. It's all about layering, colors, prints, textures, proportions, silhouettes, and confidence.

So of course I had to go to H&M to see if I could replace my pants with something edgy and new, but still classic so that 12 years down the line they will still be considered beautiful. Unfortunately I'm not to the point that I can treat myself to Chanel and Burberry, so H&M is a great dupe. They're very on-point about high fashion influences and even have big names design for them. David Beckham is the highlight of their spring season, featuring his new line of bodywear for men. Got love it!

The new spring magazine is out. Pick one up for free at H&M.

 Light khaki cotton trousers with florescent lemon belt and dusty rose shorts.
 $64.99 for everything.

Spring's always an exciting time in the fashion world, because just like fall, we are switching over from cold weather to warm or vice versa. This season's all about the white, nude, bright metals, and vivid yellows.

Love Claudia xx

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