Friday, February 10

Recycled Toilet Paper Can Save 425,000 Trees a Year? always has the most amusing articles, but 5 Seemingly Innocent Ways You've Screwed The World Today really got to me. Why you might ask? 

Read the article here:

Well, because these things listed are the easiest things to fix. It's interesting to see the reader comments as well because some of the people are talking about overpopulation issues which encapsulates all of the topics discussed. That aside, the things listed are pretty easy to fix if people just wanted to. That's probably the point though, most do not care.

It's super easy to unplug your electronics from the wall. I've been doing that forever. When I'm done, it gets unplugged. Also, don't even get me started with birth control. If it kills fish, just imagine what it could potentially be doing to you if you use it. Natural is always best, just be safe about it. Lastly, it was the part about recycled toilet paper that interested me most.

"Even though we'd save 425,000 trees per year if every household in the country would replace a 
single roll of triple-layered Charmin with a recycled alternative." -

Just one roll! Oh my, that's good news. The fact that 75% of the world doesn't even use toilet is great, but that doesn't excuse the one's that do. If you choose to use toilet paper, please oh please, make sure it's recycled.

Here's the brand I've been buying for years, and it doesn't hurt me in anyway. It's soft and awesome. Try it, and you just might save a gazillion trees.

Trader Joe's 100% Recycled Bath Tissue - $4.49 for 12 rolls

Being eco friendly is totally awesome, and so is this toilet paper. So pick some up right away.