Thursday, March 1

I've Been Improving My Diet

Hi everyone! I hope all is well. Recently I've been blending juice more for breakfasts and dinners, replacing some of the cooked foods in my diet. The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm starting to see results just within the three weeks that I made the changes. It's crazy! I wasn't even trying for physical improvements, it was more about just trying to be a little more healthy and cut out some of the cooked foods that I know aren't the best. Specifically, what most health educators call "transition foods."

First off, I have crazy energy. Good, pure energy. I feel like I'm high on life and this is coming from me, Claudia, the girl that's been blending juice for years now. But all it took was to eliminate a few more poor choices and blend more juice.

Secondly, my waist is starting to get slimmer. Remember my goal way back when I read The 4-Body? Here's the chart again if you're interest. Anyway, I have been at a standstill with my measurements for five years now, never going under 24 inches. Now I'm 23.75" and that's so awesome (my goal was 23" because that's what I was in high school). It's all because of the blended juice!

It feels like I was standing in the doorway all this time but never walked through to the other side. Now I have and it changed my life. I have learned so much this past three weeks.

Here are some of the things I changed:

- Started blending juice more, especially for breakfast, because it's easier to digest than raw
- Stopped eating bacon. I originally started because of The 4-Hour Body, but now I know it's no good.
- Only eat one egg, instead of two, with 26oz of blended juice for breakfast
- Stopped eating oatmeal
- Started soaking nuts and seeds before eating them
- Replaced most white sugar with raw honey
- Now blending dandelion, grass, sage, parsley, cilantro, arugula, mushrooms, kumquats, and blood oranges
- Replaced some lunches and dinners with blended juice
- Started making my own homemade rosemary and pine tea
- Sleeping earlier. Midnight to 8:00am

That's pretty much it. Not too much of a change from my usual habits, but it made a huge difference. So if you're having a hard time with weight lose or getting fit, try pushing just a little harder to improve the diet. It's the number one factor.

Cheers and happy living.


  1. That is soo awesome I'm so proud of you!! I began improving mine as well just by exercising and making right choices. I haven't been eating oatmeal these days cause it made me wanna hurl for some reason and do buy grass, dandelions and blood oranges at a farmer's market? If they do, I'll sure try it out. U don't seem to splurge, like Carla when she tried to diet lol.

  2. Thanks Matt. It feels so good. :)
    I'm proud of you too! :D That's awesome to hear.

    Yes, dandelions and blood oranges can be purchased at the farmer's market. You can find blood oranges at a normal grocery store as well. I saw them at Trader Joe's yesterday.

    As for the grass that's straight from the wild. A place where I know is safe and is not sprayed with chemicals. I just add a small handful of small, ripped-up blades to mix and blend them thoroughly. It's important to have a good blender for that.

    Mind you dandelion and grass is very detoxifying, so a little goes along. Also grass isn't not meant to be eaten whole. The body digests it way better when it's blended or juiced. Or wheat grass juice can be purchased at Whole Foods I believe, and you can just mix that in.

    You can find dandelion in the wild as well (again as long as it's not sprayed) Those are even better because they're fresher. I sadly can't find any in my area though, so I have to buy them.

    I have not had any problems with them because I took it slowly, and I built up the portions of grass and dandelions over time.


  3. Oh cool thanks. So I basically get grass from an open field or a forest? How can I tell if they're not sprayed?

  4. You have to ask permission to pick if it's not your land. Like a friend or a neighbor. Ask them if they don't mind and use any types of sprays.

    Or your own backyard will do. Again, if you don't spray stuff, then you know. :)

    I can't wait to see my parents again, because they have loads of good stuff.


  5. But you're already a tiny, tiny, tiny young woman. And nobody should deprive themselves of bacon. Is it safe to say that you're fine the way you are?

  6. Aww, thanks. I love being toned and lean though. Also, it's more about what it does to the body over time. Processed meat (any meat actually) can sit in the gut and putrefy over time. It can also feed bad bacteria and parasites as well. Most meat eater probably have parasites. Especially raw meats, like sushi because they lay eggs in them.

    The bacon had some preservatives in it that I didn't like. Don't worry, I eat meat still. I had chicken today. :)

    Believe me Corey, I feel so good, and so energized. It's a great thing. :)

    Also, I want to live for a long time with sickness or disease. That's my plan. heehee.

    <3 Claudia

  7. I shall not worry then. As long as you're healthy, then things are okay. I just never thought of you needing to get smaller because you seemed just natrually inclined towards being slim. It just seems like you would have to struggle to put on a pound than lose a pound.

    Either way, small or tiny, you have a long life ahead of you anyways. So sneak a piece of fat free bacon, because what is life without risk?

    But as long as your healthy, then things are okay.

  8. Thanks again Corey. :3
    Oh no worries about sneaking food, I still do that. I just wanted to clean up breakfast, because it's such an important meal.

    Oh yes! I'm doing great. I've been having less wrist/arm issues as well.

  9. I really sound like an old lady sometimes...


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