Friday, February 17

100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm Review

Awhile back, for my birthday, my sister Carin got me a gift card to one of my favorite stores, 100% Pure. I love them because they sell natural, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free products. Sometimes I cheat for makeup, because I don't wear it too much, but when it comes to skin and hair care it's all or nothing. Typically I just use olive oil or jojoba oil for all my skin care needs, but since I was treated to a gift I figured why not try something that I would never buy on my own.

So I picked out the 100% Pure Super Fruits Eye Balm ($26) which included free lotion samples:

Contains anti-aging fruits and helps moisturize the skin.

Usually I go to the store since the have some in my area, but this card was specifically for online. I don't like ordering online normally because of all the extra changes and the fact that I feel bad for all the wasted packaging. This company sadly was no exception for the packaging. The box was twice the size of the item and was filled with styrofoam packing peanuts. So that put a damper on my experience. I was hoping that since the company seemed so eco-friendly that they would be a bit more responsible about their packaging. At least brown paper, instead of styrofoam (Amazon has started to implement this, which is awesome).

Aside from that, they did include some lovely body cream samples that I used up right away. Their body cream is worth the money, and if you're into that, I highly recommend the Cabernet Grape Nourishing Body Cream. It's so yummy smelling that you just want to eat it. Don't worry, I haven't tried, but that's a good point about beauty products - If you can't eat it, it probably shouldn't go on your body. Chemicals seep straight into your bloodstream through the skin, so the less toxic stuff you put on your body, the better.

Back to packaging though, the eye balm came in a large paper case which wasn't necessary. Unless it's protective in some way to help keep light and heat out there is no reason to have it. It's made from 100% recycled paper and is recyclable as well, but less is more when it comes to trash. Reduce first, then recycle.

The small glass container is about the size of a silver dollar

The balm is nice, soft when warmed with the heat of one's finger, and has a wonderfully luxurious texture. It's super moisturizing and helped me get rid of my dry skin. This winter I seem to sometimes have a dry patch on my right eyelid, something that's brought about by the cold weather and excess heater usage. This eye balm helped it, and would make it go away completely if used daily. Although, jojoba oil does the same thing, and is a faction of the cost. 

As far as anti-aging benefits go, it's too hard to tell. I have been using it for months now and am almost out, but still haven't seen any improvements. Although, there is not much to improve because I don't really have any wrinkles. So I might not be the best candidate for that; it was primarily for prevention. 

Overall it's a great, thick moisturizer for the winter but don't expect it to erase years off your face. Eating right, exercise, sleeping well, and low-stress living plays a much bigger role than anything topically applied to the skin. So I won't be repurchasing this, unless I have similar dry skin issues next winter, because my jojoba oil will work just fine for the summer months.

Love Claudia  xx