Monday, January 23

Dungeon Defenders

So recently, I haven't had a lot of time to play video games but Dungeon Defenders was one that I couldn't put down and would play whenever I got free time in the evenings after work. This game was pure fun and I recommend it to anyone that loves strategy games. It's strategy meets loop whore, which makes for an addicting "just one more round" type of game. But at the same time, being a game that someone can just go a round or two, without committing to like a 4-10 hour run.

Here are some thoughts about the game:


- It's a cheap impulse buy off of Steam, and the PC version looks the best if you have a good machine.

- The gameplay is awesome and is so much fun to play multiplayer. That's really what makes it. 

- I play the Huntress and love her. I built her up to be DPS and she's fast. I enjoyed being the player that could one-shot things, but I'm a glass canon and die a lot.

- There's a gun for the Huntress called "The Incubator" that shoots chickens. Chickens I say! They go cluck-cluck, bounce all over the place, and explode when they hit something. Not the best gun for high levels, but good fun that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

- The 3D art is great. I love the cartoon cell-shaded look. Some of the levels are pretty (nature and glowy stuff) and I enjoy the balance between outdoor and indoor levels. It keeps the game interesting.

- Love the music; it's memorable and entertaining. I only wish they wouldn't have reused some of the tracks on extra levels and instead created more new songs. 

- The holiday levels are a great way to keep the community happy by giving free content (this might be Steam only). It gets you in the mood to play. Especially with the tavern being decked out with all the holiday assets. They did a great job making it "feel" festive for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I can't wait to see what other holidays they might do. 


- The biggest issue I had with this game was that at the beginning I lost my character because of a bug with the servers. I had to start over after I lost about a days worth of work, and had to contact the developer about this problem. They were nice enough to give me extra gear and mana to level her up again quickly. So it wasn't terrible, just a minor set back. This bug should be fixed by now. 

- The 2D art is not up to par with the 3D art. Which is unfortunately, because it would have been really nice if they had the budget/time for it. This mismatched quality gives the game a very indie feel in a bad way.

- Having to pay for every little thing is annoying and that made me stop playing, other than the fact that I had completed almost everything there is to do. DLC has started to become an issue in general because companies are nickel and diming for every little thing. Even the increased level cap had to be purchased through DLC. Lame.

- What is up with the butt cracks in this game? Did the developers think it's funny? The orges didn't cover their cracks nor did the Huntress. It's pretty tasteless and unfortunate that the only playable girl at launch is dressed like that. I don't mind thongs, but cracks? See look, eww: elf cracks.

Overall I would say Dungeon Defenders is worth the time and money. As long as you have someone to play with. The online community is rather big right now, so if you want to jump on board, now's the time to do it.

Cheers and happy gaming,